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How to get started with personal & abundance alchemy.

February 19, 2009

The process all begins with purifying your thoughts. This is neither a religious edict nor a moral one. This purification is about tapping into the power and potential of the ONE, the All, The Divine, or God. This allows you to ascend and descend with solutions, ideas, opportunities and ways of evoking lasting change in the spiritual as well as material portion of your life. You will learn to have your mind in the above as well as the below. But unlike most people, you know that it is the above where real lasting changes and opportunities are discovered. Sadly most people work with their nose to the grindstone, trying to affect change from BELOW. They wonder if they are working hard enough, doing enough, they read more books and attend more seminars, but to no avail. You will discover how to separate and purify your thoughts from the lower vibrational thoughts that I reffered to.

Lower vibrational thoughts lead to sickness, lack of achievement and a life filled with hurt and pain.

There is an interesting alchemical formula that you may find helpful. Matter is the physical world.  Matter has many degrees of density. The portion of matter with the least density is called the soul. And if we were to look at the soul and ask what is the purest part, or the most subtle part, we would call it the Spirit. All of this is within you, the body, the soul, the spirit, the ONE. This means that you can travel in these realms by simple changing the density of your thoughts! Lower vibrational thoughts keep you earth bound, keep you attached only to what the alchemist call the Gross. By separation and transformation we free ourselves and unlock our unlimited power and potential.

I will be blogging more about personal alchemy.  I foten call it abundance alchemy because when you finally turn your personal lead to gold, your life is filled with abudance in every area, in every way.


Robert Zink


As a side note, we can achieve outrageous, exhilarating experiences as we learn to rise to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness, but we must remember that we have a purpose and reason for being incarnated in a physical body. In my next blog I will talk about past lives and how they csn block you from developing the flow of energy in this life to fully awaken the Law of Attraction.

Einstein, Astral Projection and Imagination

February 17, 2009

For many years the study of material science was void of any spiritual counterpart.  With the advent of quantum physics, there now seems to be an intersection where to two meet again, as they did in ancient times.


Naturally science and the ancient mysteries  were not always devoid of each other.  At one time they were intermingled.  Then, as science began to unveil outdated beliefs and superstitions, the mysteries and science grew in an opposite directions.  This is a point of duality and separation in human evolvement.


Prior to this split, knowledge about nature was derived from inspiration, intuition and visions, and then it was transmitted via initiation. 


When I think about how this process took place, I often see people who stand in opposition to the ancient mysteries and simply refer to them as myths. These are often strictly science-minded people.  Yet the late Albert Einstein used this ancient process of visualization where he saw himself riding on the end of a beam of light.  From this he was able to formulate his theory of light and relativity.  Think of it, one of the greatest minds of our time was no doubt involved in what mystics call “astral projection.”  It is apparent Einstein developed a synergy between material science and myth including specific skills that are taught in many mystery traditions.


 Ancient sages did not view myth as arbitrary or some kind of fantastic notion. Myth was developed from a necessary process; the same process gives shape to the things of the imagination. EVERYTHING BEGINS IN THE IMAGINATION. Ancient myth allowed for the senses to dramatize themselves in images and figures that were blended into an artistic painting of sensory experiences and resulted in deep inner changes and alchemical transformation.


Today we live in a world where myth is very different from the scientific views of the 1950’s and 60’s.  Myth has come alive again in the imagination of the scientist, physician, natural healer, alchemist, mathematician, Qabalist, computer programmer, psychic, businessperson, engineer, and the mystic.


These are exciting times we live in because people are quickly moving in the direction of a holistic, holographic universe.  Many of us are moving beyond duality. Like standing on the top of a large mountain, the view is better, the air is fresh and clean, and inspirations are much more vivid.  This means manifestation is much more certain in the life of anyone willing to weave a tapestry between what we can see and the invisible.


“Universe, hear my plea.  Earth, open.  Let the waters open for me.  Trees, do not tremble.  Let the heavens open and the winds be silent!  Let all my faculties celebrate in me the ALL and ONE! “


 The above quote is from the hymn of the sons of Hermes.  Imagine if you could live your life outside of the duality of the illusionary material world?  What could you create?  What could you be?  Who would you be?  This is a world beyond limitations, a world beyond the confines of a calculator; this is a world of imagination inspired by Light.


Hold on there’s more.  I want to make a bold statement that I will talk about future blogs.  You are co-creator with the ONE.  This is the most ancient of teachings.  This places the responsibility square on your shoulders and most of us don’t like it there, because its easier to cast blame on other.  There is no room for this limited kind of thinking in Spiritual and Abundance Alchemy.  We can unite the material with the spiritual, the science of tomorrow with the myths of the past; we can be whole.  We can live the holistic life that every human being is called to live. I would like to end this blog with an important quote; I hope it inspires you as much as it does me:


“Rise up above every height; descend deeper than any depth; concentrate into thyself all the sensations of created things of Water, Fire, Dry, and Wet. Think of finding yourself simultaneously everywhere, in the earth, sea or sky; think of having never been born, of still being an embryo: young and old, dead and beyond death.  Embrace everything at the same time: all time, places, things, qualities, and quantities.”


Corpus Hermeticum


 Peace & Prosperity,

Robert Zink


The Law of Attraction, Hermes and Alchemy

February 15, 2009


This  on-going blog is going to cover a lot of ground.  This blog is not for the timid, but rather for the bold, for those who go for the gusto in life.  I have a belief that says if I really am serious about learning  anything, I need to go to the source.   At the source that you will find the real power, the most profound concepts that will radically change you life…forever.


Lets talk about the law of Attraction for example.  I know that there are hundreds of good books out on the subject.  The Secret brought the whole concept to life for the masses.  But for some of us, the Law of Attraction was part of a series of concepts taught by the ancient sage Hermes Trismegistus.  I won’t go into to great detail in this short blog about the history of Hermes, but the ancient Egyptians thought of Hermes as a god, they referred to him as Thoth, the god of wisdom and of utterance, or the word.

I don’t know if Hermes was a god or the wisest of sages, but he wrote the Emerald tablet of Hermes over 10,000 years ago.  He wrote a whole host of other things that explained how life works on planet earth, including the Law of Attraction.


Now, if I worked on automobiles, I would certainly not make an attempt to repair a car without the owner manual.  The writing of Hermes and are the closest thing you will find to an owners manual Even much of the deeper more profoud concepts in the bible were expressed in the writing of Hermes. 


I think one of the reason why people buy a book or two on the Law of Attraction, give it a try and find it does not work for them, is that they have no foundation in the deeper teachings.


The ideas expressed in the Qabalah, healing magic, mystical Christianity and just about any other mystery school find a basis in the writing of Hermes.  His writing provide the doorway to true inner alchemy and how to bring about massive life changes in your life, right now, this week, today.  His writing are not for the ancient mystery schools anymore, they are for YOU today.


Alchemy is not something restricted to a lab, your life is the lab and you are the alchemist, Therefore it only makes sense to learn how to turn lead to gold, rather than mix up the spiritual chemicals of your life and end up with a bad cocktail. 


I will include some of the writings of Hermes on this website as a free down load.  As a friend and Mentor, I think that everyone should have some expose.  Now if you find it boring, don’t worry, I will juice it up for you in coming blogs, and articles.


Peace & Prosperity,


Robert Zink

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Valentine’s Day and My First Blog

February 15, 2009

I like the idea of Valentine’s day for my first blog.  After all, Valentine’s day is associated with love and love is essential to transforming yourself through the power of spiritual and abundance alchemy.

I think this is one of the missing links in the Divine Mysteries, too many people don’t seem to understand that love is the cornerstone to the mysteries of Life and light.

We live in a world where love is relegated to a special day, or a certain time of the day.  Yet, when I think of all those who have brought incredible abundance to the world, the abundance was always first and foremost in the form of love.  I guess you could say  something like. “All you need is Love.”  But seriously, it goes deeper than this.  Love is the magical elixir that keeps the sacred flame of alchemy alive.  All alchemy require the use of heat, and constant slow burning heat at that. Heat is what brings about change in literally ever aspect of life.  

In future blogs I will talk more about heat and alchemy, suffice it to say that without the passion that love invokes, it is almost impossible to make the kind of massive life changes most of us want to make it life.

How about this for a beginning.  If you want to make powerful, magical life changes, you will need to begin loving yourself.  You must be willing to receive what the Qabalist call the Light of Chesed.  Loving yourself is a good thing, wait, It is a great thing, and loving what you want to do or transform in your life is equally important because it is part of loving yourself.  From this love, will come passion, not the kind of passion that burns out quickly and fades at sunrise, but the passion of change, of transformation,  accomplishment and abundance.

So, let me wish you a happy Valentines day filled with love, today, tomorrow and there after.  And remember, as the song goes, “if you can’t love the one you want, love the one your with.”  Yourself!

Robert Zink