Valentine’s Day and My First Blog

I like the idea of Valentine’s day for my first blog.  After all, Valentine’s day is associated with love and love is essential to transforming yourself through the power of spiritual and abundance alchemy.

I think this is one of the missing links in the Divine Mysteries, too many people don’t seem to understand that love is the cornerstone to the mysteries of Life and light.

We live in a world where love is relegated to a special day, or a certain time of the day.  Yet, when I think of all those who have brought incredible abundance to the world, the abundance was always first and foremost in the form of love.  I guess you could say  something like. “All you need is Love.”  But seriously, it goes deeper than this.  Love is the magical elixir that keeps the sacred flame of alchemy alive.  All alchemy require the use of heat, and constant slow burning heat at that. Heat is what brings about change in literally ever aspect of life.  

In future blogs I will talk more about heat and alchemy, suffice it to say that without the passion that love invokes, it is almost impossible to make the kind of massive life changes most of us want to make it life.

How about this for a beginning.  If you want to make powerful, magical life changes, you will need to begin loving yourself.  You must be willing to receive what the Qabalist call the Light of Chesed.  Loving yourself is a good thing, wait, It is a great thing, and loving what you want to do or transform in your life is equally important because it is part of loving yourself.  From this love, will come passion, not the kind of passion that burns out quickly and fades at sunrise, but the passion of change, of transformation,  accomplishment and abundance.

So, let me wish you a happy Valentines day filled with love, today, tomorrow and there after.  And remember, as the song goes, “if you can’t love the one you want, love the one your with.”  Yourself!

Robert Zink

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day and My First Blog”

  1. Jxon Dany Says:

    Hey robert,

    I like your page. Valentines is a good choice for a first blog and all you really need is love. I love your angles and have to agree with your content here.

    I discovered spirituality via a near-death experience a few years ago and am beginning to blog about them. For the mean time, I am researching all the blogs and landed on your page and also noticed that you have plenty of entries, about 30 of em. I’m on the very first blog so it’ll take me a while to get to the other ones. LOL Good to know ya.


  2. Jxon Dany Says:

    Oh yahhh I wanted to subscribe by email. So here it is. Thanks.

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