How to get started with personal & abundance alchemy.

The process all begins with purifying your thoughts. This is neither a religious edict nor a moral one. This purification is about tapping into the power and potential of the ONE, the All, The Divine, or God. This allows you to ascend and descend with solutions, ideas, opportunities and ways of evoking lasting change in the spiritual as well as material portion of your life. You will learn to have your mind in the above as well as the below. But unlike most people, you know that it is the above where real lasting changes and opportunities are discovered. Sadly most people work with their nose to the grindstone, trying to affect change from BELOW. They wonder if they are working hard enough, doing enough, they read more books and attend more seminars, but to no avail. You will discover how to separate and purify your thoughts from the lower vibrational thoughts that I reffered to.

Lower vibrational thoughts lead to sickness, lack of achievement and a life filled with hurt and pain.

There is an interesting alchemical formula that you may find helpful. Matter is the physical world.  Matter has many degrees of density. The portion of matter with the least density is called the soul. And if we were to look at the soul and ask what is the purest part, or the most subtle part, we would call it the Spirit. All of this is within you, the body, the soul, the spirit, the ONE. This means that you can travel in these realms by simple changing the density of your thoughts! Lower vibrational thoughts keep you earth bound, keep you attached only to what the alchemist call the Gross. By separation and transformation we free ourselves and unlock our unlimited power and potential.

I will be blogging more about personal alchemy.  I foten call it abundance alchemy because when you finally turn your personal lead to gold, your life is filled with abudance in every area, in every way.


Robert Zink


As a side note, we can achieve outrageous, exhilarating experiences as we learn to rise to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness, but we must remember that we have a purpose and reason for being incarnated in a physical body. In my next blog I will talk about past lives and how they csn block you from developing the flow of energy in this life to fully awaken the Law of Attraction.

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One Response to “How to get started with personal & abundance alchemy.”

  1. Sally D Says:

    Great ideas here on this blog and I enjoy your take on things. One thing I’ve seen is what we think about is exactly what we get. We create our own reality.

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