The Seven Attributes Every Healer Must Have.

They say you can’t run from some things in life. No matter how fast you run, whatever is chasing you will eventually catch up. The same is true with healing. Right now there is an explosion in alternative medicine, and this is a good thing. We need more options that create more opportunities for healing on every level. There are many well-minded healers, who have their hearts in the right place, and have undergone some form of certification, but something is lacking… Often the healer becomes more of a comfort pillow or the person who tries to define the reason for the physical illness, rather than the spiritual healer who invokes miracles. Without these seven attributes fully ingrained within the healer his or her skill is much like trying to outrun a tiger.

It’s amazing but people from every walk of life who reach the top of their game have that certain something, that edge that others lack. This is what makes them the very best. Now, for the life of me, I can’t tell you what those certain attributes are for a golfer like Tiger Woods. I barely know how to play golf, but I do know something about healing. I have had the privilege of working with various kinds of healers all over the world, and while their methods were different, those certain secret attributes existed in all the exceptional ones.

Many of you know that it is my personal oath not to charge for physical healing. I do however spend a signfiant amount of time teaching the Ruach Healing Method. This method is a system that I helped codify and organize nearly 20 years ago. Some people like to call me the creator of the method, but I would rather give credit to the ancients, and simply accept credit for organizing the material into a usable and effective system. It is based on time-tested ideas that surround non-religious Qabalah and Hermetics. The Ruach Healing Method is a dynamic method of healing, and if you want more information please write me at I am always delighted to provide information on workshops or private training.

Here we go, read these attributes and begin using them for more effective healing.

1. Connection to the Divine.

You might think this goes without saying. I am shocked that many of the healers I have met over the years are more concerned with the incense they’re burning or the crystals they have in the room, than their own inner connection to the Universe. I am not advocating that a healer needs to be religious, but somehow, someway, building a connection to the Divine, the Universe, God, is essential. This is your unlimited battery of source. Without connection to source, you run the risk of becoming a mechanic, not a healer.

2. Be Clear of Limiting Beliefs.

You have a responsibility to be clear of your own limiting beliefs. If you can’t clear yourself of limitations, then you might want to pass the person you are working on to someone who is clear. The traditional medical profession has the luxury of being congested with all the reports and past beliefs that others before them have shoved into their head. And right they should depend on this information, because in traditional western medicine, all this stuff provides the basis of your knowledge and reality. The healer, however, must be clear. You must learn the secrets of getting clear not only on a mental basis but on an emotional and spiritual basis as well. Come to think of it, getting clear is so important it affects just about everything we do in life.

3. Create the flow of the Universe.

Good healers discover the flow of the universe and use it to their advantage. Great healers, those who create miracles, move beyond flow to the highest state of consciousness. It is from this summit that they create the flow of the universe. When the Roman centurion told Jesus that he did not need to come to his home to heal his servant, but simply speak the word and his servant would be healed, Jesus marveled at this mans understanding of how the universe worked. He was amazed at his level of faith. At that moment, the centurion’s servant was healed! Become a great healer, make miracles happen, speak the word, and create the flow of the Universe.

4. Every healing experience is new; the past does not equal the future.

Begin every healing experience as if it were the very first time you performed healing. One of the mistakes that healers make is that they often bring their own self-limiting belief into the healing experience. Yes, while you have a system and need to depend on it, you also need to be open to new concepts and ideas that may come into you mind through your spiritual connection and intuition. Learn to trust yourself and never allow yourself to be formulaic. Healing is an art; so be an artist.

5. The closer my connection to the person I am helping, the more healing help I will automatically give.

The human being you are working with is a Spirit and a Soul, filled with fears, hopes and desires. Sure some healers want to keep a sense of detachment with the idea that you will be more effective. This concept my be true for western medicine men like Dr. House, but it doesn’t work for a spiritual or mystical healer. We know that on a deep level we are really healing ourselves, therefore, the more I can feel, know, see, about the person I am healing, the more effective I will be.

6. Knowingness: move beyond the five senses.

Once you as a healer are in a deep state of meditation, you are involved in the healing process and will want to allow your senses to drift away, and work from a pure state of knowing. Knowing is beyond words; you just know it and therefore you go with it. Trust yourself enough to let go of yourself; this is where the artist comes alive.

7. Know the stages of Light.

The stages of Light differ greatly from each other. When you are working on someone, you need to know where you are in every situation as it relates to the stages of light. Light in Latin is LVX. This provides an excellent formula.

L is the beginning stage of something. This could be the beginning of healing or the beginning of a disease.

V stands for the stage of disintegration. Again, this could equally apply to any aspect for the healing process. Perhaps the healing work that you did is disintegrating, or perhaps the illness is disintegrating. You need to know.

X stands for re-birth or resurrection. This is a whole new stage. It is neither the beginning nor the disintegration; it is new. You must know when you have moved beyond healing, and are now helping a person change his or her life.

I have had a number of people that I provided healing for that changed their job, spiritual outlook, repaired relationships, etc. You are a spiritual mystical healer.

You have a wonderful connection with Divine Source. This makes you a powerful tool for healing. Take your healing to a level beyond your imagination!

Peace Profound,

Robert Zink

P.S. Check my workshop page and consider coming to a Ruach Healing Workshop. If you live in a community that I am not set to visit, you can arrange to have me come to your group for a weekend workshop or private one-on-one Miracle Mentoring for Healers. You can contact me at 888-681-8962 or follow me on

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  1. yvette Soler Says:

    Thank you! As a healer, it is always good to remind myself where to focus.

    Love and Light!
    Need Advice? Looking for Inspiration?

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