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Five simple secrets for manifesting through the Law of Attraction.

April 3, 2009

1. Build a strong connection to the Divine. Many people make the mistake of trying to build their life from the bottom up, but if you are sincere about manifesting through the Law of Attraction a positive life filled with abundance, happiness and health, then developing a mission and purpose to your life is essential.  Mission and purpose comes not from seeing what others have or are doing, but from the magical discovery of who you are, why you’re here, and what unique contributions you crave for your life.  This may take some time; it is not as simple as writing down your goals and reciting affirmations. Once you understand how your life provides a contribution to yourself, your family and the world, you must be like a powerful focused fire, filled with passion and energy for manifesting the life you need and the life you want.

2.    Cultivate a deep sense of conviction.
Once you know your purpose and what you want, it will require more than just positive thinking; it will require focus and conviction.  This is really the essence of manifestation magic: focus combined with imagination becomes a powerful magnet of unstoppable conviction.  Your level of conviction will result in your level of success in manifesting what you need and what you want.

3.    Develop a dogged determination focused on abundance, prosperity and all that you want and need, rather than lack.  Each day, set aside some time to zero-in through will and imagination on abundance in all its forms.  Do more than visualize, emotionalize.  Once you have visualized and emotionalized, then ask yourself this question: “What action do I want to take right now to manifest what I want?”

Distill your thoughts and emotions into a clear intention that you want to project to the universe.  Trust in the universe to act as your partner in manifesting what you want.  Know that if your intention is clear and potent, the universe will provide doorways and opportunities even if they may be unclear at the moment.  Once these doorways open, take action, open the doors, and begin receiving.  The universe always respects speed so act quickly, or as the ancients would say, with the speed of “Mercury.”

5.  Be thankful to the Creator for the ability to work in synergy with the universe, and manifest everything you need and all that you want.
Gratitude is an astonishing emotion that unlocks your ability to receive even more.  Express your gratitude by becoming a giver.  Give to the Divine by giving to those in need.  You will immediately develop a current of giving and receiving and as the ancient cabalist would say, “as you give more, you will receive more.”
Get in the habit of taking action, but not blind action; take action based on visualizing and emotionalizing abundance.

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Peace, Passion & Prosperity,

Robert Zink

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