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The Tarot & 22 Things You Can Do To Raise Your Spiritual Vibration

May 15, 2009

The 22 major arcana of the tarot provide an astounding opportunity to focus our actions in the direction of higher, faster, cleaner spiritual vibrational energies.  You do not need to become a tarot master to reap the benefit of these magical actions.  Simply select one that looks right for you and begin.  Remember, action is the engine that will launch you to new and more profound spiritual heights.

The 22 major arcana of the tarot are the spiritual cards of the tarot.  The mystic seldom sees them as fortune telling tools, but rather as archetypal aspects of the self.  In addition, through the work of such notables as Eliphas Levi, and McGregor Mathers we have come to understand where these doorways of light fit on the kabalistic tree of life.
If you are interested in the study of the tarot, I have listed some good references at the end of this article, if you have no interest in the tarot, then simply look over the list and select an action that is sure to raise your spiritual vibrational state of consciousness.  Some of these actions will not need to be repeated.  But once you start a specific diary, keep it up and when that card comes up again, give it more attention and detail.

I like to keep the 22 major arcana on my nightstand.  Then every night I select a card and fall to sleep thinking about it.  This will be my focus for the next day.  I have provided you some ideas of things you can do to raise your spiritual vibration when a particular card comes up.  Naturally, you can come up with your own list.  Please share them with me.  I hope they are of help to you.

Peace, Passion & Prosperity,

Robert Zink

The Fool: Do something that was fun to do as a child.  The Fool is not about foolishness, the Fool is about innocence.  Kick a big red ball, or find some friends and play a game of kick the can. Don’t keep score, just play.  The list is endless, from riding your bicycle to running on the beach, have fun.  (Remember to allow your natural innocence to come to the surface again, choose to laugh, love and trust.)

The Magician: Start a special magical diary and divide it into four sections.  Section 1 is the element of AIR.  So write down everything you want to do in regards to your education.  What would you really like to learn?  WATER is the next element, so in this section write down everything you choose to feel every day from this day forward. FIRE is our next element, so write down everything you are passionate about and come up with a plan for getting into action.  EARTH is the forth element, write down your goals physically, financially, and energetically.  Do something now to invoke the changes you want to manifest.

The High Priestess: This is a great time to begin learning something that you have always wanted to know, that is compelling to you, but you have not given yourself the time to learn.  Do it now.  Make the time to pierce the veil and discover something new. One
Way to do this is to quiet the mind and meditate using the four fold breath.  Allow images to come into your mind, and take note as to what you are learning about the universe and yourself.

The Empress: Turn up the passion in your life.  Love yourself, and get excited that you are something special worth loving.  Look at the night sky and open yourself up to the wonders of creation, and then allow the fire and passion of light and love to come into you.  Know that everything you see out there is inside you too.  You are a microcosm of the macrocosm.  Turn up the fire.

The Emperor: Begin a new project.  Write something down that you have wanted to do, plan it and then begin.  Few things are as elevating as beginning something new.  Plant a garden, start a meditation program, begin to get in perfect shape, start something and allow your fire and passion to motivate you to bring you to new levels of spiritual heights.

The Hierophant: What a wonderful time to take a walk in the woods, or in a park.  While walking imagines that you are the ONE that is responsible for the protection of this beautiful planet called Earth, because you are.  With this in mind, work on your garden, grow some herbs, plant a tree, do something that puts you back in touch with the physical world around you.  Notice as you begin to re-connect with the physical world, you become more open to the miracles of the spiritual world.

The Lovers: Take time off and allow yourself to daydream.  Think first of all the things and people you love in the physical world.  This is a wonderful time to send them some positive thoughts and unconditional love.  Keep going; think of all the things you love that you cannot see.  How about the Divine, or your Holy Guardian Angel? What about the elementals that provide for the created world.  Again, send good intentions and love and expect to experience a state of bliss from sharing your love with others, seen and unseen.

The Chariot:  Here is something you can do that is guaranteed to raise your spiritual vibrations.  Take a trip, even a one-hour trip to some place you have never been before, and explore.  I am amazed at all the wooded areas that are around my own house that I can explore.  But if you lived in the city, visit a church that you have never been to, or an art museum. The main thing is to get your body moving and into action.  Take mental notes, of where you are visiting, and while you are there, absorb the light from wherever you are at, and share your own inner light.  I also like visiting neighborhoods, and stopping into the neighborhood stores etc.  Have fun in your travels.

: Take on a challenge that you have been putting off.  It is amazing how much spiritual strength we have when we move into the world of action.  There is nothing beyond your limits, so hit the gym, write that book, paint that painting, do something from the core of your spiritual strength and notice how much stronger you become.

Hermit: The world is busy; every one has something to do and is going somewhere.  Maybe this is your time to just be. In my home I have a room that is dedicated for just this purpose.  I like to light some incense, light the candles, and begin to allow my body to breath in to the rhythm of the universe.  You don’t need a special room or place, for wherever you are is the place to be with yourself and the Light that shines within you.  Give yourself time for yourself.

Wheel of Fortune: You have mastery over which way the wheel spins in your life.  This is the time to focus on the Law of Attraction.  Take some time out, and meditate on what you want to attract into your life.  What direction do you want the wheel spinning?  Now here is a secret that will catapult you to amazing spiritual heights, find a person in need, and focus the law of attraction and your connection with the universe to help this person.  You will feel better for doing it and you will be operating from a position of universal love.

Justice: True Justice only comes from Divine Source.  This is perfect time to connect with Divine Source, to open up your heart and connect.  Then forgive yourself for what you perceive to be your faults and shortcomings.  If you have made mistakes with your life, now is the perfect time to invoke the highest form of justice that originates from the Divine, pure forgiveness.  This is also a perfect time to realize that as you are forgiven, so shall you forgive.  You will be operating at a much higher level of spiritual vibration when you no longer carry the burden of being judge and jury for yourself and for others.  The balance of the scales is in truth held by the power of forgiveness.  Repeat these words to all whom you have judged with the blindness of justice; I love you, I forgive you, ‘ I expect wonderful things from you in the future.

Hanged Man: Sacrifice is sacrifice only when it serves a greater purpose.  Find the areas in your life where you are acting as a martr and give up the roles if it no longer serves a higher purpose. Think about how you are going to spoil yourself today or someone you love.  You could do both! When you spoil someone you love, you begin to operate a higher level of vibration and spiritual connectedness.  Now here is the secret, when you spoil someone, when you give to someone, do not expect anything in return.  Rather find your reward with the Divine White Brilliance, and your connection to spirit.  Give of yourself today to someone.

Death: We live in an alchemical world where everything is always changing.  Nothing remains the same.  Hanging on to what was, will never take you to what can be.  Something needs to die, in order that new life can grow.  Take some time for yourself and write down all the beliefs that you are clinging onto that no longer serve you on your life’s journey. Write them down and then burn them up.  Resolve to let them goby adopting new beliefs that are more in keeping with your future.  Do you believe that only the poor can know God?  Does this belief keep you poor?  Time for it to turn to ash.  Do you believe that you will always be ill?  Is this belief keeping you where you are?  Time to turn it to ash.  You get the idea; have fun doing this project because you will be living at a higher level of spiritual vibration when you are done.

Temperance: There is a rainbow of promise above your head, take the time to enjoy toe colors.  This is special time to enjoy the flowers in the park, the sunset, a visit to an art Museum, or perhaps creating your own colorful art museum.  Allow the artist in you to come out.  Focus you senses on the colors of life, and the spirit that gives off these colors.  Drink plenty of fresh spring water while on a mild fast.  Open yourself up to the spiritual as your engage in the colorful.  Focus everything you do upward and the rewards will be astonishing.

Devil: The devil deals with materialism.  Think about this for a moment, what is it you would like to be known for after you have departed this planet?  This is a wonderful thought that will have you meditating on your real life purpose.  When you begin to get in touch with your mission and purpose in life, you automatically begin to operate at a higher level of spiritual consciousness.  This is important because your whole life and everything you do begins to take on importance and meaning.  When you are operating from this perspective, you have beaten the devil and you are free, free to be whatever you want to be and attract whatever you want to attract.

Tower: What habits have you become comfortable with that may be holding you back from operating at a higher level of spiritual vibration and attracting the things you want in your life?  Are you still smoking, over eating, arguing, sleeping late, not setting daily goals and objectives?  The list could go on, but you get the idea.  You need to get fired up about making massive changes in your life, one step at a time.  You need to destroy old habits that are holding you back.  Organize your life, take action, become like a lightening bolt striking the tower of bad habits.

Star: This is your time to volunteer to help someone.  Take some time, time you believe you can’t spare and visit the homeless shelter and donate some time.  Anyone can donate some money; give time, because time is your most precious asset.  As you give, so you receive, and in helping others, we help ourselves.  The greatest gift you can give yourself is to give to someone in need.  Don’t put this off, do it now.

Moon: What did you dream about last night?  It is sad how much of our life is lost to the world of dreams.  Create a dream diary, and attach a good pen to it.  Place it by your bed, and think about what you would like to dream about.  If you wake up in the night, write down key words…then flesh it out in the morning when you wake up.  You will be astonished but after many people find they become more lucid in their dreams and that is a powerful tool for creating the life you want.  Even if you don’t become lucid, you will open yourself to a world of wonder, you will learn more about what your sub-conscious is thinking and you will begin operating at a higher and deeper level of spiritual vibration.

One of the exercises I like with the sun is to fill my conscious mind with seeds of growth.  Gather several books on positive thinking, books on powerful life quotes and begin reading them.  Give yourself even five minutes a day reading powerful, inspirational world.  You know how inspirited you are when you see a beautiful sunrise, your mind is the horizon, and what you feed it is the light of the sun.  Become inspired.  Music and magi are wonderful tools of inspiration as well; engage in them on a daily basis.

Judgment: Light an candle and some incense.  Give your self-time to just be.  You will discover all kinds of things that want to distract you, but do not fall into the trap of judgment.  Simply let them pass by in your mind, and allow yourself to move into a world where judgment does not exist.  There is simply that which is good for you and that which is unwanted or out grown.  Do not judge…sit, connect to the Source and allow the Light to come into you.

Universe: Kick up the music and dance, dance because it is fun, dance because your body wants to experience movement.  You are a mover, a dancer, a light being, be one with the light as you move to the music.  When you are finished, give thanks for what you can do.  If you cannot move in the body, you can move in the mind.  Take your movement and apply it to connecting to Spirit at a higher and more profound level.  You are a creator, a dancer, and a mover so create, dance and move.


Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot by Chic & Tabitha Cicero