Magical Anchors Will help you evoke the Law of Attraction

Did you know that people from all over the world are doing magic, through the power of magical anchoring?  Read on and find out more:

The Catholic goes into the church,  and as has she or he enters, they dip their hands in Holy Water and make the sign of the cross. ( Magical Anchor )

The Hindu mystic begins sitting in a special posture and holding his or her mala beads as mantra is about to begin. ( Magical Anchor )

The Golden Dawn magician salutes the Banner of the East as he or she enters the temple with the correct grade sign.  ( Magical Anchor )

The successful business person begins his day with several affirmations designed to focus this thinking and his or her actions. (Magical Anchor )

The military soldier rises to revelry with the national anthem and the rising of the flag. (Magical Anchor )

What do all these people have in common; they are controlling their state of consciousness.

Controlling ones state of personal and emotional consciousness is vital to success in literally all endeavors of life.  It is even more crucial for the magical worker of Light to have this power.  And, the stronger you learn how to develop the secret skills of controlling your own brain and emotions, the sooner your magical abilities will explode in the direction of your choice.

The first step is to realize that anchoring is essential for controlling your inner state and if you control your inner state, you will soon be in greater control and harmony with your outer world.  Essentially you will not simply be doing magic, you will be living magic.

This is an exciting concept to the magician, in that every gesture, every Divine Name can and will be used to change your inner state and work in synergy with the universe to help you get more of what you want.

I’m tired of talking to magicians who complain that their magic does not work.  Let me share an example of how this anchoring can be negative as well, and actually work against your magical intentions.

You just got an overdue notice from the bank, or your spouse just found out that he lost his job. So you begin invoking.  You invoke the powers of earth, Auriel and others.  The problem is, is that you have now anchored them to poverty or money problems. ( not exactly what you wanted to accomplish. )

The secret is every time you get paid, receive a bonus, or anything else that has to do with the state of receiving money, you need to invoke Auriel and other earthly forces.  Now your mind will automatically begin to associate them with receiving, rather than lack. If you add gratitude to your work, and do it often, everytime, get excited about receiving, you will be stacking the anchors.

The time to do magic is not when you don’t have,  but when you do have what you want no matter how small. This is the secret of positive anchoring. ( Naturally you can do magic when in lack, as long as you have achored to abundance at an earlier time. )

You will need something tactile too, as your anchor.  The grade sign, or some other anchor such as a special incense, oil, etc.

Everything I am talking about works with astonishment.  I just had one Client, who set some earthly goals, after I shifted her anchors, (Like many she had acquired some negative anchors and that is why they were not working) the law of attraction kicked into gear and she began receiving everything on her list within  about 40 days.  I call that a Miracle, but more important I call it Magic.

Traditional N.L.P. will teach you the techniques, but through the power of Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life coaching, I will teach you how to do magic in your life.  There are some very powerful magicians in the world, and they know how to get what they want fast, now you can learn through the power of magical anchoring how to do the exact same thing.

From time to time, we need special help.  I offer a service called MIRACLE MENTORING AND ALCHEMY LIFE COACHING.  This is a private service that I offer to readers of this blog and at a gigantic reduced fee over my walk through the door clients.  If you are one of my clients and wish to get going again, or if you are sincerely interested in attracting some real honest to goodness miracles in your life with an alchemy life coach, perhaps we should talk.

I would like to invite you to visit my website on Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life coaching and read what I have to say and How I can help.  Then fill out the short form, and I will give you a call.

I hope this short article helps you.  Remember, you need to control your state if you want the Law of Attraction to work.  You need to know how to anchor yourself to your power and your magic.

Robert Zink M.B.A,

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

Imperator General of the Golden Dawn

P.S.  Share some of your own experiences of how you anchor yourself to the positive and control your state.

2 Responses to “Magical Anchors Will help you evoke the Law of Attraction”

  1. how to use the law of attraction Says:

    Agree with your wholeheartedly. I will check your blog.

  2. Miriam Pia Says:

    Interesting, I had never even heard of the magical anchor until doing work with druidry. I have some idea about talismans. I think this has something to do with in fact training the mind – what’s tricky is that one might have had one set of circumstances where one succeeded in getting some of what was needed and wanted, but something else important was left out. Re-training the mind so that all that was needed and wanted is received or lived can be challenging to not recreate the part of the situation that was not wanted in order to recreate what was needed and wanted.

    Its nice to be able to reach ‘the head’ of the organization. I really have no idea how it happened to be Robert Zink, but i am curious. Did you have a big pile of money or do you just have a knack for organizing or were you nurtured for succession by someone before you?

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