Thoughts are Things.

Our Hindu brethren know a secret.  They know that nothing exists apart from the Divine because it permeates all things, all reality.
The late great S.L. MacGregor Mathers was famous for saying, “Believe that thou art there and thou art.” He knew the difference between thoughts, or imagination and reality was only a thin line of perspective.
Many of my psychic friends are very talented at connecting to energy that is connected to an object.  The object has taken on the energy of the person or environment.

You have the ability to attract or create the things you want in your life, by directing the thoughts you think. You can attract a new car, build a bigger business or provide deep healing for someone in need.  You have the power.  The great sage Hermes Trismegistus said in the Emerald Tablet that what we create in the world of thought, we MUST manifest in the world of the physical.  Thoughts are things.

One of the things that people are always amazed when they begin Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching with me is that the things they want can quickly come into their life, like a MIRACLE, simple by reshaping their thoughts.  I have had the good blessing of working with everyone from professionals who actually founded universities, to people looking to begin their own home business.  Where you are at does not matter, what matters in what you think.  Thoughts are things, it is a truth, it is magic and it is fun to create a compelling future.

Robert Zink

3 Responses to “Thoughts are Things.”

  1. Tony Lobato Says:

    Precisely why groups such as GD and such can do irrevocable damage to
    Beings looking for answers – I am not implying that the teachings are somehow bad or wrong.
    What I am saying is that those embers that are looked up to can be to blame.
    In days of old an aprentiship and strict moderation from master to aprentice was a safeguard.
    Nowerdays one just has to put all of oneself into the order and pass some knowledge tests and fit in.
    Now thoughts are things that beings may not be equiped to translate in proper context and direct that force.
    If there is corruption from a half delusional knowledgeable adept with a huge ego or superiority complex there you have it.
    Initiates (in the true sense would be a Hierophant) but in reality
    are just new members become easily mesmorised by their people worship and guidance.
    This is what I refer to as collateral damage that may affect their children and family in general when the thought world takes hold.
    Quite rightly it was said that these beings do rituals and anchour those to bad feelings as opposed to good and specific forms as opposed to the esence.
    I support this ‘ thoughts are things’ for the reasons as above so below and a the safety net to limit the collateral damage and effective healing.
    Yet how does or can one make sure this important message gets across to all – not really possible to all – but if it helps just one then it is all worthwhile.
    The transformation from the material to the thought world and back again in a never ending loop does place a spanner in the works – all in its proper context.
    How can any sane magician (or whatever label one choses to use) pass by this thought world as if a fad ?
    Tricky because one is using a soft approach and a marketing tool however it is neverherless gold and the essense to work from.
    The only health warning being it is fertile ground for crazy people that live in this world all of the time and refuse to come down to the mandane world which is our body.
    In summary – one can not be responsible for the way others chose to use the power – one can only make a difference.
    The valuable question – ‘ what does thou seek ?’ Becomes much more important that beings may realise – the answer will give a strong hint – ‘to leanr that I may serve’
    Tiz enough – it can not said using a cold medium such as this – the old ‘mouth to ear’ or master to student is a thing of the past yet possibly the only way to convey the meaning.
    God bless and be with you !

  2. P Says:

    Quite a complex subject.

    It’s absolutely true that a person’s energy imbue “things” that enable the manifestation of one’s thoughts.

    I’ve had a tarot deck for 17 years. Recently, cards were defiled. Stolen. Am I upset? Of course. Yet they are “blessed.” The person who stole the athame given to me has seen how sharp it’s rusty blade is.

    The theory of relatively squared and circled relative revolves and spirals. Not thought nor banishing will undo the consecration.

    Ritual tools are not mere objects. Thought forms from thought.

  3. Miriam Pia Says:

    I came here from the Golden Dawn discussion board. Its a closed group.

    The question of the relationship of human consciousness and the material and spiritual worlds is a matter that I have studied through the context of formal philosophical training.

    the universe exists beyond the mind of mankind. The most powerful type of mental level is often called ‘spiritual’ and is often associated with real genius.

    Meditations and other specific forms of training can permit people to do things that are hard to do, but not impossible – that seem to defy Newton’s Laws. This is documented, especially in religions of the East and Jesus Christ.

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