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How to become Immune to Negative Thoughts Attraction

December 30, 2010




One of the simple yet effective secrets to becoming immune to negative thoughts that will counter your goals and dreams is to realize that any strong expectancy becomes a powerful magnet.  Therefore if we think about fear, soon we are likely to expect fear and the things we fear, and the result is what we fear we bring to our life. This is the Law of Attraction in a very sad but common way.

Fear is the number one negative thought.  In the Golden Dawn there is a charge to “Be without fear, for fear is failure.”

The most effective way is to traverse the darkness of fear is with courage.  Even speaking the word gives courage to the mind, and thus you begin to attract courage rather than fear.

Courage is the power that will turn up the Light in the world of your own personal darkness and give you the power to move foreword in the direction of your dreams and goals.


Therefore it is vital that we think courage, act courage and say courage in all we do.  Courage promotes activity while fear paralyzes effort. “ I can and I will” is a powerful affirmation. When you decide to believe that you can and you will, you will become a mighty magnet that attracts the good things in life.


One of the secrets is to not get into a battle with fear.  Rather replace these thoughts of fear with thoughts of power.  In traditional N.L.P. we do exercises that darken and make smaller the fear, and then we counter it with inner pictures of resourcefulness and success.  In his book called Modern Magick, Donald Michael Kraig presents a method called I.O.B.  This means to Identify,Objectify  and Banish. With some modifications I have found this method works very well too for banishing fear.  The secret to this method is to give the fear an image.  Then get rid of it.


You can begin 2011 with the absence of fear and begin attracting whatever you want.  We call it Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  The difference is besides all the modern skills employed such as N.L.A.  N.L.P. Hypnosis, we employ the ancient wisdom of the Qabalah, Angels, and the teachings of Hermes and the Law of Attraction.  We have help countless others attract their miracles and we can help you too.  Be sure to write us and make 2011 an incredible year.  As a mystic and teacher of he ancient mysteries including the Law of Attraction of over 37 years I want to provide you a special guarantee.  You will have nothing to risk and everything to gain.


“ Be without fear, for fear is failure.”


Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach


The Mentor of Light


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Raise to your Higher Self to Attract what you REALLY Want.

December 29, 2010

Each of us has a purpose in Life; something’s deeper than most of us will ever understand.  I believe it is only through a deep more profound connection with your true spiritual self that you will awaken all the things you are here to do and at some level, all the things you want to do.

Our spiritual nature is the backdrop for everything we do, want and become in this life.  It is who we really are, beyond the mask of the ego.  Developing a deep and personal connection with your spiritual self, or Holy Guardian Angel is critical to becoming everything you really want to be and everything you really want to do.

You don’t need to wait for a heart attack to begin contacting your true and born less self.  You can begin right now.  Sadly, after people have a near death experience they discover what they already knew, that they have an incredible purpose to their life and that within the context of their spiritual mission in life, they can begin attracting anything they want.

My life is about healing.  I am a healer.  I view your personal empowerment as a sacred type of healing that once given to you, you will be able to use to light up the lives around you, perhaps even the world.

I cannot tell you what to believe, nor would I even if I could.  I can however give you tools to obtain a greater connection with your spiritual nature so that with this deep, personal spiritual connection you can awaken all your latent powers, for yourself and mostly for the world.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

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Attract anything you want within 28 days.

December 28, 2010



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Here is an honest question on the Law of Attraction: Why is it that so often the Law of Attractions seems hit-and-miss?


Think about it… If the Law of Attraction is a law, it should work all the time!  The Law of Attraction basically states that we attract whatever we focus on into our life. If this is true, then why is it hit-and-miss for most people?  The answer is simple… According to the ancients, there are seven transformational secrets that are necessary for the Law of Attraction to work. (These are seven secret alchemical stages successful people go through) Most people don’t know these secrets and the result is wishing rather than manifesting!  Once you begin using the techniques taught in the Guarantee, you will begin attracting anything you want within 28 days.


Many of you know me as a metaphysician, healer, teacher of Cabala, Miracle Mentor, business owner, and as the Grand Imperator of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.  I have had the good fortune to teach the ancient mysteries of Light and personal alchemy all over the world.  The Guarantee program is the result of years of study as to why and how to activate the Law of Attraction based on the teachings of the ancient masters. I wish I could take credit for these teachings, but they find their source in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt Greece, Persia and schools of Hermeticism and Cabala.  All I did was provide some exercises to aid you through the seven secret doorways, so that you can begin attracting anything you want within 28 days!  Simply visit:


Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light



Most people don’t realize that the Law of Attraction is not something new.  It is based on the time-tested wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus, the author of the famous Emerald Tablet of Hermes.  The Guarantee will take you through the 7 secret alchemical gates of personal transformation so that for you the Law of Attraction is no longer hit-and-miss.  You can begin attracting anything you want within 28 days, and here’s the outrageous part about it all:  IT’S GUARANTEED!  That’s why I call this program The GUARANTEE.


I want to get THE GUARANTEE into the hands of as many people like you before the end of the year.  I believe that in spite of what the doomsday media is talking about, 2011 can be your best year ever.  You will begin attracting anything you want within 28 days.  Learn more now by visiting,

The words you invoke will empower your life

December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays,

I know that 2011 can be one of the most exciting years of your life. You can attract more miracles and wonderful things into your life when you begin to use words of power. Unlike the belief of some of my magical friends, words of power are not something found in ancient scrolls. They are power words you can invoke daily to begin juicing up the Law of Attraction so that it begins to work for you in 2011 and not against you. Here is an an example of some word. Use them for 10 days and test them for yourself. You will see incredible results.

This is but a handful. However give yourself the 10 day test. prove it to yourself how powerful these words are, or you could move to the next level and simply use some logic and act on trust.

Robert Zink
Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach
The Mentor of Light

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My Magical Experience will help you in 2011

December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays,

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Robert Zink
Miracle Mentor and Mentor of Light

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December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays,

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Robert Zink
Mentor of Light/ Miracle Mentor


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