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Ruach Healing Workshop in Tuscon

January 31, 2011


By Robert Zink



I just finished the Ruach Healing Workshop in Tuscon area and it was a blast.  I had a great attendance and on the second day of the workshop we had people with various maladies come and join us and all of them felt wonderful after a Ruach Healing Treatment.

As a Master in several forms of Reiki, I can tell you without doubt that if you learn the Ruach Method and use it with Reiki you will find the combo astonishing.

I am beginning to discover that the Ruach Healing Method can be used to remove negative thoughts and counter intentions that may hamper your ability to attract what you want.

Naturally, the main reason is to heal physical and emotional problems.  Over the years I have been involved in the healing of HIV/AIDS, Spinal injuries, Cancer, heart disease, etc.

If you have a healing group, or a holistic facility I would love to come and join you for a weekend.

The Ruach Healing Method is based on teachings from the Qabalah and my 37 years of training in the Golden Dawn.  As Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, I have had the ability to teach adepts this method and many of them have become master healers.

I will share some photo’s in my next blog.  If you are interested in the Ruach Healing Method, please write me at:  be sure to leave some contact info.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

The Power of “When” to destroy your dreams.

January 27, 2011

Greetings Friends,

I had a person call me last night all excited about changing their life.  They were jumping up and down with joy.  Then we began  to make some plans for Miracle

Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  It was obvious to me that this woman had some  ” counter intentions that were holding her back.” She also had some deep emotional pain that could be released by deep magical trance work and meditation through Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching.

Then the big moment came…she said the word of dis-empowerment that is the grave stone for so many dreams, she said, ” I will get started when…..

WHEN;  I have enough money

WHEN:  The children are old enough

WHEN:  I am a little older

WHEN: I have the time to devote

WHEN: When I feel better

WHEN : I get my hair done

What is your WHEN that is holding you back.  We can even help you with that excuse as well, WHEN you write us.  Miracle Mentoring And Alchemy Life Coaching is about helping you invoke the mystical power of the ancients along with modern technologies like hypnosis, NLP, and Miracle Magic.  We GUARANTEE results.  Today you could be attracting MIRACLES.

Your Friend in Light,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

P.s.  90 percent of all our clients are on skype.  It is easy and fun.  Be sure to visit:

When are you ready to change your life.

Give Something Special to Yourself

January 26, 2011


With your permission I would like to take this time to suggest you consider Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching for FREE.  Here is how it works.  You join us on the site and then click to the Miracle Mentoring Information.  Read it over, and then fill out the quick form.  There is really nothing to it.

We will give you a call, and provide you all the information you need about Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching, PLUS we will provide you a FREE 30 minute session.

Miracle Mentoring invokes the secrets from the ancients, NLP, and the Personal Alchemy and Miracle Magic, Plus secrets from the Law of Attraction.  It really works.  In the last few years I have had people get:

New Job

New Relationship

Increase Income

Learn to promote their art

Psychic abilities

Better Health

Increase Income

Sell some property

Build a Business

And much more.

Okay, Here it is, go to and click the Miracle Mentoring Button.  Read it over and then fill out the simple form.  Why not see what we can do together.  The power of the Ancients is waiting to help you build the life you want.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

Ruach Healing Workshop this Weekend in Tuscon.

January 24, 2011

Announcement: There will be a Ruach Healing class 29 and 30 Jan in Sierra Vista, AZ This class is taught by Robert Zink . WE still have a few openings for serious students. Sierra Vista is about 6 hours from El Paso and 3 hours from Phoenix. When: 29 and 30 Jan 2011 Time: Sat 29 Jan 11Am - 5 PM Sun, 30 Jan 1 PM - 5 PM Where: DATES: 29 and 30 January 2011 WHERE: Metamorphosis Spiritual Center 4041 South Turner Lane Sierra Vista, AZ 85650 COST: $59.00 per person - normal registration RESERVATIONS: Please contact Jim at E-mail: or Phone- (520) 220-8137 Please provide: - Name - Quantity of persons attending - E-mail address - Phone number (if you wish) We hope to work with EOGD order members before or after the class sessions. 770 Frater CSI

60 Seconds of Reading to Attract the Life You Want.

January 23, 2011

You are a Divine Being created by the Divine Source, therefore you are a creator, and when you apply thought with emotion and then action you can create the world you want and attract MIRACLES.

There is an  unlimited power in the universe and when you align with this incredible power, you can work wonders, heal the sick, overcome obstacles, attract love, money, and participate in wonderful MIRACLES.  The Universe has several levels of creation from the singular to the many, from the highest to the world of action.  As Co-Creators with the Universe and the Divine Source we can build powerful and helpful relationships in all of these worlds.  When we do this, we have the Power of Angels ( ) working with us to invoke incredible, unbelievable MIRACLES.

I believe we can have our cake and eat it too.  We can have the best of all worlds, both  the spiritual and the physical.

People often ask me, how do I change my life, the answer is simple: CHANGE YOUR MIND TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND ATTRACT WHAT YOU WANT.

Your mind determines your destiny.

Your Mind has no boundaries...

Words are a good place to begin.  Change the words you use.  See different pictures, feel different feelings, hear different sounds. Stop saying things like ” I can’t afford it.”  or “I always seem to get sick.”  These kind of negative self conversations will give you exactly what you don’t want.


This is another level of thought.  Begin expecting good things to happen to you. Expect Miracles.  Expect to make good friends.  Expect to double your income.  Expect to recover from your illness.  Invoke the power of positive expectation.

I believe that magic is real.  it begins with our thoughts.  Our first thought is that we are co-creators with the Divine.  Therefore we can work in harmony and peace to build a life that is satisfying to ourselves and pleasing to the Universe.

Your Friend in Light,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

P.S. I have an opening for a Miracle Mentoring Client and two people who would like to be trained as Miracle Mentors.  Write me at :

The Blind Man of Benicia ( A Story of Light, Hope & Beautiful Sunsets )

January 21, 2011

By Robert Zink

Recently I met a man when I was out for my daily walk.  He had pitch-black glasses and a white cane.  His beard was black and grey and he wore all dark clothing.  He was very skinny and in his 60’s.  Yet he seemed to walk at a very fast pace and seemed to know every crack in the sidewalk.  I watched him approach me as I was approaching him.  As we passed, I said to him, “ hello.”  He replied, “It is a beautiful evening tonight, it seems to be getting warmer and I can feel the sunset in the west shining an orange color mixed with deep pink and red. I then looked to the west and the sunset was exactly like he described it. I asked him if he was going anywhere special and if he needed any help.  He replied, NO, but do you need some help? ”  I told him I was fine, but in truth I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head.  I felt like I was in a spider web of fear and doubt.  He then said to me, “ you don’t need any help, but you do need to believe in the direction you are going and take one step at a time.” I was amazed, was this man a psychic, or a street guru, or simply someone who could feel me and the inner conflict that was going on inside.  I went back to my office and thought about him.  I wondered if I would see him again and who he was, and why he told me these things. I wondered all night till I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I decided to walk to Starbucks for a cup of Joe.  As I was walking, I noticed about a block away the same gentleman walking in my direction.  There he was.  I was excited to see him, even though he was a stranger.  He seemed to sense me, and I noticed a small smile open on his face.  His beard covered most of it, but I could see it.  He said, “ Hello stranger, we will likely not see each other for a time, but I trust that you are better now, and that you know that what you do and teach has a purpose, if only for yourself.  I may be blind, but I can see you.  Never allow the sun to set again, whereby you don’t give thanks for all God has given you. “ I asked his name and how he seemed to know these things about me, but then he acted like he did not hear me and walked on.

I don’t know who or what he was, but he is my friend.  I also know someway or somehow we will see each other again.  He touched me when I doubted myself, my mission in life, and my truth.  He reminded me of all the blessings I have and how the sunset is a perfect time to think about them, because you can then take those blessings into the night and use them to ignite the morning.

My mission as a Miracle Mentor and Alchemy life coach along with Mary Kresky and others soon to join us is a privilege.  This blind man, walking on the sidewalk brought light to my world, I only pray I can do the same for you someday. May you have unlimited number of beautiful sunsets. Peace.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

P.S. Write me at I want to be of help to you the way he was of help to me.  I want you to have your MIRACLES.

4 Secrets to help STOP the small mind mentality, and attract whatever you want.

January 20, 2011

Beware of the small mind, because the small mind will turn the Law of Attraction against you and begin attracting the things you don’t want, or at best, less of what you do want.  Small minds are dominated by fear and jealousy.

Small minds never attract anything more than the minimum of what they need to get by.  Here is example, two people  open a hamburger stand, one of those stands is no longer it business, it died years ago, the other one is called McDonalds.  One person thought with a small mind and received no MIRACLES, and the other thought with a MIRACLE MIND and built an empire.

Not long ago I was working with some people who were determined to do things the same old way. ( They talked about a new way, but their words did not match their actions.) They have classes at a small studio, with an average attendance of 2-5 people per class, and they provide other kinds of services in the daytime as well.   I promise in a year from now they will still be doing the same  classes for 2-5 people and living in a hand to mouth fashion because they continue to put the majority of their energies into small producing projects hoping beyond reason that something will change, rather than focus their time and energy on a national presence, with a world-wide message. They are trapped in the small mind mentality and thus, they will likely not attract miracles. I think this is sad, because I believe they are capable of so much more.

The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.  Focus on the BIG picture.  Focus on the dollars rather than the pennies.

Here are some powerful tips to help you change your direction and break out of the small mind mentality:

1.     You are only as good as the people around you, so make them your treasures. The small minded often forgets this key, and the result is an ever-shrinking circle of people willing to contribute to the prospect of MUTUAL MIRACLES.  I believe that when you work with someone, you both should get a MIRACLE.  That is one reason why we often work with partnerships and marriages when it comes to Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.

2.     Stop focusing your thoughts on what you are not getting and begin focusing your thoughts on what you can begin giving. Give more to receive more.  If you want to begin some powerful life MIRACLES your way, focus on how much you can give, and you will be shocked and how much you end up getting.

3.     Take Responsibility.  Not everything that is wrong in the world is the fault of the government, or the corporations.  Sometimes what is most wrong in our lives is our own making.  We attracted it, through the Law of Attraction.

4.     Learn to shrink the thoughts that keep you trapped in fear, and focus on the thoughts that unlock your personal power.  Fear is something that will shrink your ability to attract Miracles in your life.  You have the ability to do just about anything you want, but first you must shrink the fear and focus on  your power.

I believe this can be your best day; your best hour, and I want to share it with you.  I believe that when we partner with Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching we can do astonishing things and attract unbelievable  MIRACLES.  We want to help.

Be sure to visit: and click the Miracle Mentoring button if you are serious about investing in your personal power.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy life Coaching

The Mentor of Light.

P.S.  Look out for our on-line web classes coming and our personal workshops.  Come join us.

Don’t Have a small mind when you can have a BIG one——————————————————————->

Bring The Power of Angels to Your City or Join our Web Conferences.

January 19, 2011

By Robert Zink

Greetings in Light t All my Friends,

I have a secret I would like to share with you.  Many people who have attended the Power of Angels workshop have discovered this secret on their own.  I began to notice that the energy surrounding their lives took a dramatic change for the better.

These special people had experienced an “ahh-hah” event.  This is a spiritual event so profound that you cannot put it into words.  About the most you can say  “Ahh-Hah!”

Naturally, I have seen this wonderful state in mystics I have worked with all over the world, and  within the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn, but I had never seen it to any lasting degree with just regular people until I began teaching the Power of Angels. These people were learning a secret about how to master their thoughts, emotions, and manifestations at the Power of Angels workshop and many of them did not know how it happened, they only knew that deep profound change had come into their life.

One of the things I do is keep in touch with people who attend the Power of Angels workshop.  Everyone has a great experience during the weekend, but when I began calling people who had attended, a month or two later, I was shocked to see that they were in possession of a deep magical optimism.  Many of these people were invoking powerful, life changing experiences. Some were making drastic, earth shattering improvements to their world.  Here’s the thing: none of them were allowing life to happen to them anymore.  They now had an astonishing power over life.  I could go on and on, and certainly the letters that I have on the Power of Angels website and the video testimonials only scratch the surface.

Since the last Power of Angels workshop I have developed even stronger method of contacting Angelic power.  I want to share these secrets with you.  This is a workshop of transformation and Light.  I am 100% certain you will share an experience beyond anything you can express, and that you will gain mastery over your life-like you never imagined possible.

We would love to come visit your group for a weekend workshop.  We are setting up times for 2011 and 2012  PLUS, we are setting up web classes too.  These are mini classes that in just three hours can have a serious impact on your life.  Keep in touch with our website: and look for upcoming web classes.  I promise you will walk, and live and love with the Power of Angels.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching

The Mentor of Light ™

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This too Shall Pass

January 18, 2011


I was moved by this and I wanted to share it with you.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching

The Mentor of Light

Everyone wants to screw me over, or the law of Karma and Attraction

January 16, 2011

Some people walk around with a "Kick Me" sign on their back.

There is an old saying in the world of Karma, and that saying goes like this, “What you put out is what you get back.” I have recently found this to be true especially when it come to how we treat people and the Law of Attraction.

I have a friend, and while he may not consider me as a friend, I have the highest respect for him.  There is one problem, he thinks everyone in the word is out to take advantage of him and because he believes this, this is exactly what happens. He attracts it  through the law of attraction.

He is so filled with stories of how different people have screwed him and his wife emotionally, mentally, and financially. He expects  that people are bad and want to hurt him, especially the corporations and the government.   I try to remind him that at some level his expectation of being screwed over and over and taken advantage of  is why it happens, it is call the Law of Attraction and the Law of karma.  He is getting what he puts out.  ( Not long ago he put a friend of mine out on the street with no notice.)  He was so worried of being taken advantage of he put another persons life in peril.  Is there any wonder why the Law of Karma is hitting home.  In truth he and his wife are  probably taken advantage of less than he believes,  but he is always looking for it.

The Law of Attraction will give you exactly what you believe to be true.  Think of the Law of Attraction as the crayons that will color in the lines that YOU have drawn.  Here is what is scary; his mouth is almost always in a downward frown. I mean over the years his face has adjusted to his beliefs and his mouth is permanently in a frown state. The Law of Attraction shows up even on your face!

This is a man who blames the corporations, the landlord, the neighbors, and even turns on a friend from time to time. Yet in all this he is a GOOD MAN, he is just scared and living in FEAR He is penny wise and dollar poor.  He is so concerned about the pennies in his life, so much it clouds whatever vision he might have had once about a better world and a better life.

If this person sounds like you or someone you know you can change it now.  There is still time to awaken the beauty of trust and light and love and the positive attributions of the Law of Attraction.

Here are some ideas based on the teachings of the ancients:

1.     Gratitude. Take time everyday to give thanks for everything you have including your friends.

2.     Ora et Labora.  These means to work and pray.  Pray to a higher power while you are going about your day.  Keep in touch with Spirit.

3.     Stop keeping score.  Sometimes you will give more; sometimes others will give more back to you.  Just let it be.

4.     Find your personal power NOT in telling people what they have done wrong, but in your connection with SPIRIT.  Therefore, begin finding a deeper connection with SPIRIT by giving up artificial forms of POWER.

5.     STOP using the old excuse; we have to take care of BUSINESS. This kind of thinking is as bad as the corporations you detest.  Remember Scrooge who discovered that his real business was mankind.  Open your heart and love, joy and money will flow.

Our lives are too short to spend them on negativity.  We don’t have time for that kind of thinking.  All it does is destroys the joy we are able to have and attracts what we don’t want.  The Law of attraction is always working, make it work for you.  Today begin to attract a MIRACLE.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaching

The Mentor of Light

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