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Fear or Compelling Future that is Your Choice.

January 7, 2011

Fear or compelling future that is your choice. There is a poison that will cripple your chances of feeling the best feelings you have ever felt in your life.  Fear will steal your MIRACLES. It will keep your business earning less and less, it will rob you of your health and life force, it will steal your money and it will destroy your relationship.

The ancients knew through the teachings of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes and other sacred teachings that what we expect is what we get.  Expecting prosperity is much better than expecting poverty.  Expecting love and happiness is much better than expecting fights and jealousy.  In the book of Job, Job says, “ The things I feared the most, I have brought upon myself.”  If you want to optimize your life and attract MIRACLES into your life than listen to Job, he was wise enough to see his weakness.

The secret to working with fear is to make the opposite much bigger in your mind.  You can just think about this or do it through meditation.  For example, lets say that you fear fighting with your mate.  It makes you sick.  It takes a long time to recover after a fight.  You fear fighting.  So, here is the secret, focus on the times of love and passion and joy.  Focus on that walk on the beach together, or that quiet moment waling in the night as you stared at the stars.  Maybe it is that time when you held each other all night long.  What ever the positive moments, make them bigger and bigger in your mind, and then ask yourself one question, what can we do to get more of these incredible moments?   ( YES THIS IS THE SECRET)

The same secret is true for money.  If you are a salesman for example, and things are slow, think of a time when everything fell into place.  Make this picture bigger and bigger in your mind.  Repeat the thoughts over and over and then ask yourself, “ What did I do to make that moment so incredible and profitable.  Love and live the good moments and shrink the fear.

You can have unbelievable MIRACLES in your life once you learn to operate your brain and make it work for you instead of constantly attracting what you don’t want.  Live with love and passion.  Shrink the fear.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

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