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Oneness, the Secret to a Magical Relationship

January 13, 2011

A magical relationship is a couple who love each other and seek to live a spiritual, emotional, physical and magical life together.

Magical relationships provides the alchemy that creates the “ juice” of life.  We as human beings were created to love and live in harmony with another.  Sometimes this is a challenge.  If the desire to love is strong enough, and we work to maintain open heart chakra, then the following suggestions will likely bring MIRACLES to your relationship and to your life.

I know several couples that have attended marriage counseling.  What generally happens in marriage counseling is that couples spend session after session trying to prove they are “right” and their partner is “wrong.”  There is not much benefit to this.  In addition this rips deeper into the fabric of love and destroys the feeling of “oneness.”

There is a powerful secret,  in a healthy relationship; the secret is creating a feeling of oneness.  Here is what oneness means; it means that you will always weigh the impact of your actions and your words  Some people say that words don’t mean much, but they can destroy a relationship or help to take it to the heights of heaven.

One of the things we need to let go of is belief that we are superior.  In a magical relationship where oneness is important, there is only harmony, never superiority.

A magical relationship of love built on caring for the other, monitoring our words, and working always for mutual happiness will free the relationship of insecurity.  The reason is simple, your partner is always working to help you feel secure and you are doing the same.

One final thought, many of your greatest MIRACLES will cone out of your magical relationship.  As one who has ignored his own advice in the past,  focus on ONENESS.  There you will find the elixir of happiness.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

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