Everyone wants to screw me over, or the law of Karma and Attraction

Some people walk around with a "Kick Me" sign on their back.

There is an old saying in the world of Karma, and that saying goes like this, “What you put out is what you get back.” I have recently found this to be true especially when it come to how we treat people and the Law of Attraction.

I have a friend, and while he may not consider me as a friend, I have the highest respect for him.  There is one problem, he thinks everyone in the word is out to take advantage of him and because he believes this, this is exactly what happens. He attracts it  through the law of attraction.

He is so filled with stories of how different people have screwed him and his wife emotionally, mentally, and financially. He expects  that people are bad and want to hurt him, especially the corporations and the government.   I try to remind him that at some level his expectation of being screwed over and over and taken advantage of  is why it happens, it is call the Law of Attraction and the Law of karma.  He is getting what he puts out.  ( Not long ago he put a friend of mine out on the street with no notice.)  He was so worried of being taken advantage of he put another persons life in peril.  Is there any wonder why the Law of Karma is hitting home.  In truth he and his wife are  probably taken advantage of less than he believes,  but he is always looking for it.

The Law of Attraction will give you exactly what you believe to be true.  Think of the Law of Attraction as the crayons that will color in the lines that YOU have drawn.  Here is what is scary; his mouth is almost always in a downward frown. I mean over the years his face has adjusted to his beliefs and his mouth is permanently in a frown state. The Law of Attraction shows up even on your face!

This is a man who blames the corporations, the landlord, the neighbors, and even turns on a friend from time to time. Yet in all this he is a GOOD MAN, he is just scared and living in FEAR He is penny wise and dollar poor.  He is so concerned about the pennies in his life, so much it clouds whatever vision he might have had once about a better world and a better life.

If this person sounds like you or someone you know you can change it now.  There is still time to awaken the beauty of trust and light and love and the positive attributions of the Law of Attraction.

Here are some ideas based on the teachings of the ancients:

1.     Gratitude. Take time everyday to give thanks for everything you have including your friends.

2.     Ora et Labora.  These means to work and pray.  Pray to a higher power while you are going about your day.  Keep in touch with Spirit.

3.     Stop keeping score.  Sometimes you will give more; sometimes others will give more back to you.  Just let it be.

4.     Find your personal power NOT in telling people what they have done wrong, but in your connection with SPIRIT.  Therefore, begin finding a deeper connection with SPIRIT by giving up artificial forms of POWER.

5.     STOP using the old excuse; we have to take care of BUSINESS. This kind of thinking is as bad as the corporations you detest.  Remember Scrooge who discovered that his real business was mankind.  Open your heart and love, joy and money will flow.

Our lives are too short to spend them on negativity.  We don’t have time for that kind of thinking.  All it does is destroys the joy we are able to have and attracts what we don’t want.  The Law of attraction is always working, make it work for you.  Today begin to attract a MIRACLE.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaching

The Mentor of Light

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One Response to “Everyone wants to screw me over, or the law of Karma and Attraction”

  1. DIYDeath Says:

    To be honest, I’ve turned into a jaded cynic from having to deal with bad people (try living with ex-crackheads. The crack might be gone but they’re horrible, dishonerable people.) I have temper issues I never used to have and I can’t really handle stress anymore. On the road to this I had a great attitude and put out nothing but good vibes.
    So when you say law of attraction I say b.s.

    Thanks to our instant gratification soceity people have become brederline evil. Its important to recognize that if you give a person trust, they will betray it. If someone has earned your trust, the likelyhood of that trust being betrayed is much, much lower.

    Cycnicism is the new reality and to that end all I suggest is extreme caution when dealing with others.

    So far it’s been working well, sure I still have to deal with some b.s. but it’s stuff stuff that paperwork can be used for, not ex-crackhead #1 decided to steal whatever to fund his laziness and weed additcion.

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