The Blind Man of Benicia ( A Story of Light, Hope & Beautiful Sunsets )

By Robert Zink

Recently I met a man when I was out for my daily walk.  He had pitch-black glasses and a white cane.  His beard was black and grey and he wore all dark clothing.  He was very skinny and in his 60’s.  Yet he seemed to walk at a very fast pace and seemed to know every crack in the sidewalk.  I watched him approach me as I was approaching him.  As we passed, I said to him, “ hello.”  He replied, “It is a beautiful evening tonight, it seems to be getting warmer and I can feel the sunset in the west shining an orange color mixed with deep pink and red. I then looked to the west and the sunset was exactly like he described it. I asked him if he was going anywhere special and if he needed any help.  He replied, NO, but do you need some help? ”  I told him I was fine, but in truth I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head.  I felt like I was in a spider web of fear and doubt.  He then said to me, “ you don’t need any help, but you do need to believe in the direction you are going and take one step at a time.” I was amazed, was this man a psychic, or a street guru, or simply someone who could feel me and the inner conflict that was going on inside.  I went back to my office and thought about him.  I wondered if I would see him again and who he was, and why he told me these things. I wondered all night till I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I decided to walk to Starbucks for a cup of Joe.  As I was walking, I noticed about a block away the same gentleman walking in my direction.  There he was.  I was excited to see him, even though he was a stranger.  He seemed to sense me, and I noticed a small smile open on his face.  His beard covered most of it, but I could see it.  He said, “ Hello stranger, we will likely not see each other for a time, but I trust that you are better now, and that you know that what you do and teach has a purpose, if only for yourself.  I may be blind, but I can see you.  Never allow the sun to set again, whereby you don’t give thanks for all God has given you. “ I asked his name and how he seemed to know these things about me, but then he acted like he did not hear me and walked on.

I don’t know who or what he was, but he is my friend.  I also know someway or somehow we will see each other again.  He touched me when I doubted myself, my mission in life, and my truth.  He reminded me of all the blessings I have and how the sunset is a perfect time to think about them, because you can then take those blessings into the night and use them to ignite the morning.

My mission as a Miracle Mentor and Alchemy life coach along with Mary Kresky and others soon to join us is a privilege.  This blind man, walking on the sidewalk brought light to my world, I only pray I can do the same for you someday. May you have unlimited number of beautiful sunsets. Peace.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

P.S. Write me at I want to be of help to you the way he was of help to me.  I want you to have your MIRACLES.

One Response to “The Blind Man of Benicia ( A Story of Light, Hope & Beautiful Sunsets )”

  1. Joseph Says:

    sounds like you encountered an angel they say they walk among us from time to time to guide us in the right direction either way amazing story thanks for sharing it

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