The Power of “When” to destroy your dreams.

Greetings Friends,

I had a person call me last night all excited about changing their life.  They were jumping up and down with joy.  Then we began  to make some plans for Miracle

Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  It was obvious to me that this woman had some  ” counter intentions that were holding her back.” She also had some deep emotional pain that could be released by deep magical trance work and meditation through Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching.

Then the big moment came…she said the word of dis-empowerment that is the grave stone for so many dreams, she said, ” I will get started when…..

WHEN;  I have enough money

WHEN:  The children are old enough

WHEN:  I am a little older

WHEN: I have the time to devote

WHEN: When I feel better

WHEN : I get my hair done

What is your WHEN that is holding you back.  We can even help you with that excuse as well, WHEN you write us.  Miracle Mentoring And Alchemy Life Coaching is about helping you invoke the mystical power of the ancients along with modern technologies like hypnosis, NLP, and Miracle Magic.  We GUARANTEE results.  Today you could be attracting MIRACLES.

Your Friend in Light,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

P.s.  90 percent of all our clients are on skype.  It is easy and fun.  Be sure to visit:

When are you ready to change your life.

One Response to “The Power of “When” to destroy your dreams.”

  1. Angie Says:

    Perhaps the more accurate statement was ” When It is Time”. I Have raised my children on less than 10,000 per year for the last 10 years as a single mother. I have found a since of complacency with my children around me. They are well rounded and well adjusted because I have been their with them and for them. I have made many personal sacrifices to accomplish this. They have sacrificed as well to know the importance of family needs over self desires. I would not change a thing. The future is beckoning and I will soon go to do my work. When I am called… away from my children… to serve, I will do so willingly and with full commitment. Until then I will take every opportunity to gaze upon the miracle of them, my children.


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