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How to design your magical intentions

April 5, 2011

First of all, you need to ask yourself what you want from life. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what is the best thing to hope for. If you are not sure what you want, make a list of things you do not want. Then use the opposites of these things for magical intentions. The Golden Dawn teaches to reach to the HIGHER. In this you may discover your purpose and in that you may find out what you really want.

Your magical intentions should be positively phrased. If your list of things you do not want includes “I don’t want to be so hot-headed”, your affirmation could be “I am calm and collected.”  If you have had any training at all. You can assign any affirmation to any emanation  on the Tree of Life.  Then simply use the Divine Names and Angels to give your magical intention some real boost.  ( Expect to see variations of this method in several training camps on the manifestation. )

You need to create your magical intention in the present tense, as though it was happening right now, which tells yourself that this is how things are for you now, not at some time in the future. If you keep repeating your affirmation in the future tense, it will always be some time away. I would also state that somethings may be unbelievable to your mind in the present tense.  So instead of saying I am a Billionaire, simply say I am now attracting a Billion dollars and it is currently manifesting in my life.)

You can have as many magical intentions as you want, covering all aspects of your life in which you want to see a change. Put your list somewhere visible where you will see it daily, such as the bathroom mirror so you will see it whenever you clean your teeth.

Repeat those magical intentions three times a day or more. When you first start, you will be reading them from the page. Eventually you will have memorized them and you can recite them through the day. Repetition is vital to keep the process working.


Peace and Prosperity,


Robert Zink

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