I was born with psychic power, but I developed them through…


By Robert Zink

The question is about being an intuitive.  I think in truth I was born with the skills and in fact I know my Dad and my Grandmother had them big time.  Even my sister has these almost magical skills.  So, this makes me wonder if they are passed on from generation to generation.  I think they are.  Some people are born to run, some are born to build rocket ships, I was born to know things I should not know. 

When I got into early tarot training many years ago from my personal mentors, we spent more time on meditation of each card and the symbolism than we did doing readings.  I remember a day when I path worked every card on the tree of life.  I am speaking of only the major arcana.  I did it all of them from 6 am in the morning to midnight.  Wow, what a rush!  I would never have one of my students attempt such an iron man way of working the tarot paths.  But it did accomplish one thing.  I was able to learn how to distinguish my ego speaking from my inner voice or higher self.  My personal work on meditation, mantra, and naturally ceremonial magic helped to create a stronger bridge between my intuitive mind and my ability to articulate it.  I will point out that ceremonial magic alone will often build the ego, without building the interior self.  So for all you magic types, I would say, spend more time on the invocation of the Supernal or the Higher Self and less time on conjuring.  I have seen many a practitioner rush though elevating to the higher so that they could get to the creamy center of the work.  What they failed to understand is that , THIS IS THE WORK.  This is one concept that my personal mentors beat into my head, nothing good happens until you raise to the higher Spirit!
I believe you can open to SPIRIT anytime.  you can do this during exercise, or when parked on the L.A. freeways. Make the time.  I found myself raising to the higher during half time at a Seahawks football game.  Anytime is a good time for God.

I have also noticed over the years that the healing work I do has made me a strong intuitive. You come to depend so much on your higher mind when performing healing.

Still there is something there in my history.  I don’t know what it is. I have met people that have gone through years of training and they have the psychic power of a rock.  Why do I have these powers?  My answer is, I had the right family and I enhanced them through years of training.  I seldom use the tarot cards now for giving readings to people.  I just don’t need them anymore. ( But I do love them )

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Peace Profound,

Robert Zink

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