Robert Zink Reveals Secrets of Law of Attraction

Several years ago I decided to take many of the real secrets of the Law of Attraction and occult knowledge that have remained behind closed doors and modify them for the average person who wants to invoke this awesome power for life enhancement and empowerment.
In the beginning it was exciting and rewarding.  I began developing a master healing system that many believe is the most powerful healing system in the world.  Naturally, I applied my background as Imperator of the Golden Dawn, ( a western occult organizations that trains student to master the magic of light ) and Kaballah, and my knowledge of Tantric and eastern energy modalities.  All of this knowledge came together to form the Ruach Healing Method.  Since the beginning, people all over the world have become certified in the system that I created.

At first, my occult brothers and sisters were delighted, but then I began doing more than healing work, I began mentoring students from all over the world in what I now call Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  I began traveling and teaching.  My client list was impressive and global.  I was making an impact and people were seriously learning the ancient secrets of the Law of Attraction.  It was exciting.  However, my occult brothers and sisters were angryThey did not, and do not like the idea that I would be teaching non-members of the Golden Dawn these powerful secrets.  The letters and phone calls from them included threats and promises of disaster if I did not stop.  I refused.

Little by little I began to notice slanderous statements and posts about me on the Internet.  Most of these posts were from another occult Order that also teaches Golden Dawn, but it was not limited.  It came from my students as well who felt I was revealing too much to the public.  One of them said to me, “how dare you reveal this knowledge when I have had to study and work for over 17 year have it.”  I tried to explain that I was not in violation of any oaths or vows, that the knowledge I was teaching was from other sources.  My dear brother and sisters refused to listen.

Soon, I felt like Dr. Frankenstein with people gathered outside my home with pitch forks and torches.  I felt in danger.  I received several threatening letters, and several times my website and email was hacked.  In addition, I now had to deal with a pile of nasty posts on the Internet that accused me of every evil crime under the sun.  Naturally, none of it is true, but the attacks continue.

I have chosen to keep silent up till now, but silence has allowed evil behavior to go unchecked.  I will continue to speak out and teach those who sincerely want to learn about energy work and the Law of Attraction the secrets that will help them transform their dreams into reality.


Robert Zink
The Mentor of Light
Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaching

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