Angels don’t Always Have Wings

Greetings to all my friends,

This blog will be more informal.  I want to share a story. I have been blessed to have extensive training in N.L.P. and Hypnosis.  The kind of hypnosis I mostly use now days, I call magical trance.  It is very similar to the type of trance work that was invoked by the ancients.  There is a special woman in my life who is  also a hypnotist.  Her name is Mary Kresky.  She is very talented and is certified in Angel healing not to mention many other methods of helping people.

Today I had a client who came for Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  In our work I discovered  one of many things that held this woman back from her full power in her current life.   I could hear Mary in my mind telling me to go back in time to where the pain began.  This is not traditionall with N.L.P. or N.l.A.  but I felt compelled to do so. I trust Mary and her skills as she is connected with the Angels and especially the Queen of Angels, the Feminine Light.

After a confrontation  and resolution with a painful experience that was still holding my client back to this day, we moved our work  into the area of Love.  Mary says there is never a session where we don’t end in forgiveness and love.  I agree.  This woman felt wonderful after the session.  She now has plans to express her love more and the pain of the past is diminished and will t  no longer will affect the quality of her life.  She is FREE.

This FREEDOM allows her along with other things we will do together to get the Law of Attraction working for her to begin experiencing MIRACLES.  I am excited for her and this little experience has taught me that angels do not always have wings.  Mary was my angel in teaching me how to bring a greater sense of healing to my clients, and naturally as a mystic and someone who invokes angels on a regular basis, I have great confidence in the power of angels and the Spirit of Light.

I certainly hope that if you are ready to make massive changes in your life, that you will give us a call and consider Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  We want to help you live your MIRACLE.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light


4 Responses to “Angels don’t Always Have Wings”

  1. Lady Cypher (Andrea) Says:

    Dear Mary and Robert, Are your sessions very expensive? I am on a fixed income and must be cautious.
    Namaste, Andrea Bascelli

  2. Lady Cypher (Andrea) Says:

    How much money do you charge, if any, for your Angel Sessions?
    I read your article and am intrigued. Perhaps this would help me, as there are horrendous issues in my past. Namaste, Andrea Bascelli

  3. robertzink120 Says:


    I am excited you want to get going. We work on a sliding scale. Please visit: and fill out the Miracle Mentoring Mentoring application. We would love to serve you.

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