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Robert Zink is a Good Imvestment says Actor.

October 10, 2013


George is a professional actor.  Like Will Smith and Jim Carry and others, he believes in the Law of Attraction.  This is what attracted him to Robert Zink.  George began listening to Robert Zink’s weekly podcast on the Law of Attraction.  After listening to every broadcast 2009 he decided to hire Robert as his personal Mentor and Coach.  Read the letter below and discover if this hot young actor who is moving up in the movie making business thinks that working with Robert Zink was a good investment.

Robert Zink provides a program called Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching.  He employs his 40 years of knowledge as a magician, along with the ancient teachings of the Qabalah, and Hermetics to help his clients unlock their personal and magical power.

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If you immerse yourself in Robert’s mentoring, you will change your life on more ways than you initially thought. I came to Robert Zink about a specific issue, but quickly realized that the philosophy applied to that issue was permeating other parts of my life for the better. I’ve been working with Robert Zink for a while and will continue. People will find many “gurus” that are out there that just want their money. These gurus will not give you the tools to repair and build, they will only give temporary gratification. Robert equips you and empowers you. If you accept the philosophies you will better yourself. Period. Robert is actually there for YOU. Robert Zink wants to help YOU. He will support YOU. Take the step. I did it.  I’d be hard-pressed to think of an investment that exceeds the type of return you will get from miracle mentoring. I’m happy to have Robert as a teacher and count him amongst my friends. My only regret is not connecting with him sooner. Robert Zink will work Miracles in your life.  He is a Miracle Worker.

George Adams

Atlanta, GA


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Sharing & Caring Awakens the Law of Attraction

January 3, 2013


By Robert Zink

It is no secret that Millionaires give more money and time to various charities than the rest of us. Here is something that most people do not understand, most millionaires were giving a higher percentage of their time and money even before they became millionaires! It is just something they do naturally. You can too.

To invoke an age old term, the word is tithing. Many of these people who live abundant lives donate the first 10% of their income to their church, or charity. This form of giving multiplies prosperity a thousand fold or more. There are a number of reasons for this.

One. It teaches your mind not to hoard. Giving is good. If you give, you must and will have. Set giving goals as a way of earning more and helping more. If you decide to give twice as much next year, chances are you will find a way to earn twice as much if not more.

Two. You join a group of people who love to give. Here are just a few. John D. Rockerfeller, Oprah Winfrey, Danny Thomas, Jerry Lewis, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates and many more. The universe see’s that your attention is on giving and thus it wants to provide you the opportunity to earn more, so as to give more. Your mind will begin to think differently as you give, you will begin to think with the kind of mindset of those mentioned above.

If you don’t have the money now, donate time or skills to your favorite charity. Also, consider setting a charity goal of how much you will contribute for the year. Work to achieve that goal, you will be rewarded in countless way that money cannot express.

Peace and Prosperity to you in 2014

Robert Zink
Miracle Mentor and Alchemy life Coaching
Miracle Magic

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