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3 power tools that will empower your life now.

April 26, 2011

By Robert Zink

There are so many Americans and people from around the world that are worried about the economy and what seems to be a deepening recession with increasing unemployment   If you have a good job, you may still be worried by high interest rates.  I have a friend who is looking at 25% of his income going out the door because of credit card debt. Constant chatter of the poor economic climate can be heard everywhere. It’s the focal point of discussions on the news, television, friends and right down to the water cooler at work, or the neighborhood barbershop.

These are challenging times and we must remember one thing above all else.  Like attracts like so if you are down and out, it might be important to believe and think you are doing well with increasing income and financial reward being attracted to you each and every day.  You almost have to fake it till you make it.  You need to know that money is just too easy to attract.  This is what Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching is all about.  It is about learning the ancient secrets of becoming more of what you want to attract.

I am going to share with you some secrets that if you will employ will help you begin attracting more of what you want and if you are stuck in your own personal touch economy then these will likely help you with great results.  I suggest invoke these for 21 days or more.  Better yet, make them a habit.

.    Love –Do something together that will reinforce love. Love is a powerful emotion that has strong healing abilities.  Love can heal wounds and provide a sense of security. I admit that Love has been my own personal weakness. It is not good enough to feel love; you must learn how to express love and not just when you are in the mood for love. More important you must always be truthful and faithful.  In this there is not exceptions.

Gratitude–Think about the things in life that are going well. .  We get more of what we think about, so if we continually think despair and we are depressed, we cannot create anything but more of the same.  So, the secret is the be grateful for what you do have.  Then BINGO, Things will begin to start going in you direction because birds of a feather will flock together.  And of your bird is on of gratitude and growth and attraction, you can expect more.

Action.  Look I don’t care what you do or who you are or how much you invoke pretty words or affirmations or special prayers, YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION, BIG ACTION.  Look, you can take all the small actions you want, but at sometime you need to take BIG action and make massive changes in your life.

I believe these three power tools will aid you with your own journey and the law of attraction.  Do it now.  Now is the time to bring you life to the next level.  I am here to help with Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  Write me and I will GIVE you 30  minute consultation at no charge.

Peace and Prosperity,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching

An Easter messge of personal transformation

April 23, 2011

By Robert Zink

My blog is short this Easter weekend.  My message is timeless.  We can transform ourselves into whatever we choose to become.  Part of the Easter message is about dying to the old way and transforming to the new.  It is the story of alchemy.  In alchemy we take grapes for example, and transform them into a fine wine.  The same can happen to you.  It is a choice.  We can choose to live in old habits, old beliefs, old thought patterns or we can die to the old and resurrect to the new.  We can change, we can transform, and we can co-create our own life and live a life that is extraordinary.

I am blessed to see this everyday.  I see people transform, change, grow, evolve, EVERYDAY.  This is what Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life coaching is all about.  It is about opening yourself to your higher potential, your personal power, and the Law of Attraction.

You are alive now, this is your time. The choice to transform is always yours; it belongs to no one else.

Peace, and Light,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaching

Don’t let the sun go down till you do this…

April 21, 2011

By Robert Zink

Dont let the sun go down without telling those you love that you love them.

We came into this world to learn of love.  Love is the elixir of life and it is the cornerstone of everything we do or become.  Most of us are fortunate to have family that we love and care about.  If we are lucky like myself, we are blessed with special friends who do more than keep us company; they guide and guard our way on the path.  I encourage my friends to act as guides at times, because we don’t always have the best view of ourselves.  I always want my friends to be loving, but honest.

I had two such friends who go way back to when I was 16.  Both of them died without my knowing.  I was out of town, they were moving, and you know how it goes. We simply lost touch with each other. Well, here is my most sincere advice to anyone who wants a full and rewarding life without regret, NEVER LET THE SUN SET WITHOUT SHARING WITH THOSE YOU LOVE, THAT YOU LOVE THEM.

I was very blessed to have been guided several years ago to move back to my home in the Seattle area.  About a year later my Dad came down with cancer.  I quit my job and spent as much time with him as possible.  I was blessed, because the night before he died, I kissed him on the head and told him I loved him.  I probably had not said those words to my Dad in 25 years. While I always felt blessed to share my love with my Father before he died, 25 years is a long time.  In our family we did not express love with word, but there is also no reason not to express your heart without words.  Don’t let the sun go down without making sure those you care about know it, in actions and in words.

I am not one to believe in the power of guilt in any fashion or form.  It is a useless emotion and often cripples people.  But I leave you with this thought, on your last day, will you be wishing for more time in the office, or more time with those you love?  Tell them you love them.  As James Taylor says, “ shower the people you love with love.”

None of us know if this will be the last day with someone we love and care about.  There is not enough time for ignoring, anger and all those so-called justified emotions.  Never go to bed in anger, never leave the house without saying goodbye.  Our life is NOT guaranteed to us, nor is theirs.  Share your love often, make certain they know how you feel. Take care of your heart, don’t let the sun set without making sure that those you love and care about know it, and believe it.

Peace and Prosperity,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaching

Invoke Magical Incantations to attract more Miracles.

April 18, 2011

By Robert Zink

I think magic and achieving the life you want should feel good.  We need to learn how to enjoy our journey.  One of the things that I have found that works well is magical incantation.

Please don’t think I am talking about something from an old spell book found in an attic, I am talking about the kind of incantations that you can create yourself.  You can do it now and begin to experience some positive results.

I love the teachings of the Ancient mysteries.  However not everyone wants to put on a robe, and do three hour ceremonies.  I am one of those who happen to enjoy the sacred theater of a ceremony, but then that’s me.

Decide what you want.  Once you have decided on what you want, ask yourself what is stopping you from having what you want.  Put the focus on yourself.  This is always where the focus belongs.

Write down on a tablet the main thing that is holding you back. For example, maybe you want to go into business but you don’t feel you have enough experience or knowledge.

Next write a positive incantation  that counters the negative limiting belief.  Magicians have been doing this for years.  Even the creeds of the early church were types of incantations designed to empower certain beliefs and to erase others. There are all kinds of incantations out there, but I think it best and certainly most powerful when you write your own incantation.

Here is an example of a simple incantation based on our example above:

“Exactly at the right time and the right moment, I will attract what I need to learn to be successful operating this business.”

Now here is the secret to bust up the hypnosis of limiting beliefs using the incantation.  YOU NEED TO RAISE POWER.  The ancients would do all kinds of things to raise energy, from rituals, to sacrifices.  I do not suggest the latter.  But the key is to raise your emotional state.  You can do this with music, exercise, dance, singing  and or visualizing the outcome you want while stating the incantation. This magic works.  You need to do the incantation with repetition.  I like to do them for 20 minutes or more.  Do your incantations for 30 days or more too.  Flood your mind with your new magic and expect good things to happen.  Anyone can do this, we are all magicians and your life is magic.

Give this a try, and please write me and let me know of your success.  I believe you can have and be anything you want.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

P.S. You can have the Miracle you want by summer.  Visit my website and fill out the information on Miracle Mentoring and find out how to get started.

Ruach Healing Workshop in Tuscon

January 31, 2011


By Robert Zink



I just finished the Ruach Healing Workshop in Tuscon area and it was a blast.  I had a great attendance and on the second day of the workshop we had people with various maladies come and join us and all of them felt wonderful after a Ruach Healing Treatment.

As a Master in several forms of Reiki, I can tell you without doubt that if you learn the Ruach Method and use it with Reiki you will find the combo astonishing.

I am beginning to discover that the Ruach Healing Method can be used to remove negative thoughts and counter intentions that may hamper your ability to attract what you want.

Naturally, the main reason is to heal physical and emotional problems.  Over the years I have been involved in the healing of HIV/AIDS, Spinal injuries, Cancer, heart disease, etc.

If you have a healing group, or a holistic facility I would love to come and join you for a weekend.

The Ruach Healing Method is based on teachings from the Qabalah and my 37 years of training in the Golden Dawn.  As Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, I have had the ability to teach adepts this method and many of them have become master healers.

I will share some photo’s in my next blog.  If you are interested in the Ruach Healing Method, please write me at:  be sure to leave some contact info.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

The Power of “When” to destroy your dreams.

January 27, 2011

Greetings Friends,

I had a person call me last night all excited about changing their life.  They were jumping up and down with joy.  Then we began  to make some plans for Miracle

Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  It was obvious to me that this woman had some  ” counter intentions that were holding her back.” She also had some deep emotional pain that could be released by deep magical trance work and meditation through Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching.

Then the big moment came…she said the word of dis-empowerment that is the grave stone for so many dreams, she said, ” I will get started when…..

WHEN;  I have enough money

WHEN:  The children are old enough

WHEN:  I am a little older

WHEN: I have the time to devote

WHEN: When I feel better

WHEN : I get my hair done

What is your WHEN that is holding you back.  We can even help you with that excuse as well, WHEN you write us.  Miracle Mentoring And Alchemy Life Coaching is about helping you invoke the mystical power of the ancients along with modern technologies like hypnosis, NLP, and Miracle Magic.  We GUARANTEE results.  Today you could be attracting MIRACLES.

Your Friend in Light,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light

P.s.  90 percent of all our clients are on skype.  It is easy and fun.  Be sure to visit:

When are you ready to change your life.

A Miracle Message from the Queen of Angels.

January 3, 2011


By Robert Zink

I often talk about MIRACLES in regard to our Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching that  I provide..

Miracles can take many forms.  I am blessed to be a student of the ancient mysteries of Light for 37 years.  I have studied and taught the Qabalah, the Egyptian Mysteries of Light, Mystical Christianity, not to mention Hermetics, and the teachings of the Golden Dawn.  ( A world wide organization that teaches the Magic of Light.)

There was a time when I was counting the books on Self Mastery that I had read, and I lost track at about 4000.  I work with the angels, with magical trance work and Hypnosis. I am

skilled healers in Ruach Healing, Hermetic Healing, Angelic Healing Touch , Reiki, and more. Suffice it to say I have both been doing this for some time, and we both have years of training and experience.

I think it safe to say that both of us have seen MIRACLES in our own lives and in those we are fortunate enough to work with.  The world of Miracles is AMAZING.

There is a saying that some people use to keep them stuck in old, tired and protected beliefs.  They say, “ I will believe it when I see it.” I am certain that if you want to experience MIRACLES in your life you will need to shift to the following sentence, as this sentence is empowering and activate the probability of experiencing MIRACLES.  Here it is:  “ I will see it when I believe it.” Your openness of mind gives you powers that the closed minded cannot understand.  Your mind and how you use it is a magnet to attracting the MIRACLES you want.

Just yesterday I was doing some spiritual work and meditation.  I am very connected to the Divine Feminine often called the Shekinah in Qabalah.  The Ancient Egyptians called her Isis, and the mystical Christians invoked her as the Blessed Mother.  However you choose to see her, or connect with her, she is real and her ability to open you to new spiritual heights is beyond compare.

In our invocation work she began to speak through Me.  I have become a conduit for her and when she is tuned to her love and forgiveness, her Light and her healing, I now synergize into a beautiful message that always is empowering and filled with the seed of MIRACLES.  Generally we I do not share these, but there is a SHIFT taking place in our world and I believe the following short message is for you too.

Here it is, the message from the Blessed Mother of Light:

“Oh My Light, I keep not for myself, but for all who wander in darkness and despair.

There is little I can say beyond the words above.  In my next blog I will share some ideas on how to connect with her Miracle Light on your own.  She shares herself in love with the entire world.  If you or someone you know is walking in hopelessness or darkness or despair, I suggest calling on her in whatever manner you know or feel comfortable with.  Trust Her.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The Mentor of Light.

P.S.  I ask that you consider these words.  Call on her in your own way and discover how much she wishes to nurture your life.  Be Blessed.

P.P.S.  If you would like to work with Mary or myself with Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching simply fill our form on the www website.

What you must absolutely do to insure the Law of Attraction works for you and not against you

November 12, 2010

NOTE: This is an essential blog in that most people do not clean the vessel before invoking new energies.

I have been a teaching and practioner of the magical and metaphysical arts for 37 years. I have studied in depth the hidden knowledge and wisdom of the ancients, who actually fashioned or discovered the Law of Attraction. Contrary to what most people believe the Law of Attraction was not invented by Rhonda Byrne or Joe Vitalie.  It finds much deeper roots in the sacred teachings of Hermes Trismegistus the ancient sage who lived and taught in Egypt.

The ancient mystics from the Chaldean mystery school would teach their students these powerful words, “ And when all the phantoms have vanished thou shall see that holy and formless fire, that fire which darts and flashes in the hidden depth of the universe, hear thou the voice of fire.”

What do they really mean?  They mean that first the phantoms must be vanished.  Unfortunately most people including adepts of modern day mystery schools and metaphysicians don’t get this concept.  They, like the rest of the world tend to focus on what they do not have, rather than what they do have and can have, and will have.

The phantoms must be vanished first. (This truth applies to the adept mystic as well as the business executive.) Belief systems that allowed you to run 2 miles, will not work if you want to run 26 miles. Belief systems that have you earning $30,000 will not work if you want to earn $130,000.  Unlimited mental attitudes must first find a home in a new and clean mental container. Prayers, banishing, affirmations only work so well.  Even Hypnosis has its limitations.  You must put yourself into a state of epiphany and become reawakened before you begin invoking your goals and dreams. You must transform through an alchemical change.

One of the things that we do with Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life coaching is help the aspirant bring about the impacting clearing necessary before the attraction work begins.  Without out it we run the risk of getting the opposite of what we want.

We are delighted to share secrets of magical empowerment that are seldom taught in any modern day church, mystery school, or life coach.  We believe in Miracles, because to go for anything less is to leave some of your dream unfulfilled.  “And when all the phantoms have vanished, you have the power to begin invoking the life you want NOW.”

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coach

Miracle Magic


P.S. I invite you to visit my site and read more about Miracle Mentoring.  I often employ advanced magic and energy work to help my clients with their challenges.

P.P.S.  I have clients around the world.  Be sure to contact me on Skype.  Robertzink770

How to call Angels to work within you for amazing healing.

January 10, 2010

Angel Healing Touch...

Angelic Healing Touch may be the most remarkable form of non-touch healing to touch the hearts and spirits of those who work with the Light.  The exciting thing about all this is that anyone who wants to learn how to invoke the Power of Angels and Angel Healing Touch need not have any prior experience in any mystical or energy healing modality.

I have been blessed to work with Angels since I called on Michael.  When I was about 15 years old, Michael was right there for me, and this amazing Arch Angel has been there for me every since.

I then went on to study ceremonial angelic evocation through the teachings of the Golden Dawn.  I was extremely blessed in that I had an aunt who was a Rosicrucian and two Adept Mentors who guided me and taught me both the written and oral tradition of Angelic Evocation.  I have been fascinated and engaged in the study angels ever since those early days.

In the past I would invoke the power of the appropriate angel to effect healing for someone who needed it. This involved sigils and ritual. I still do it and teach it.  I am convinced that the study of Angels, Qabalah, Hermetics and more through the teachings of the Esoteric order of the Golden Dawn is a massive advantage for anyone involved in spiritual healing.  This being said, not everyone is called to become a Golden Dawn adept or an adept in any spiritual tradition for that matter.  Most of us are working to pay the bills, raise a family, and seek out a little relaxation time.  Some of us have gone to the next level of becoming Reiki Masters, PranIc healers, and Ruach healers.  The point is this, it does not matter your level of knowledge, or background, or years of study or lack thereof, you can easily learn the Power of Angels and Angelic Healing TouchÒ and in no time you can have the incredible power of an angel gently working within you, moving your arms, expanding your energy field, and affecting the energy of another person or situation to facilitate the healing.

There is no one on this planet that knows the full power of Angel Healing Touch.  We don’t fully know if for example these incredible Beings of Light could for example affect a limb to grow back, or cure a person with a life threatening disease such as terminal cancer.  But we do believe and know this, there is nothing beyond the power of Light to cure and heal any part of your body, your life, your finances, your relationships or anything else and that Angels are the messengers of that Light.

We are fortunate to begin doing my first Angelic Healing Touch.  

May each of you walk with the Angels.

Robert Zink


How to turn on your Chakras to accelerate your life

March 26, 2009

Many of us westerners have no idea what chakras are.  They are non-physical centers that surround the human body or are connected to the human aura.  Many people see them as a whirlpool of energy and exist within the body as well as the subtle body or aura.
Here is an interesting fact; chakras are more alive or present when the body and soul is more alive and less present when someone is dying.  When a person dies, they are not present at all.
There is a very big key here that we should consider, if we activate our chakras, we become more alive, more vibrant, healthier, happier, and vice versa.
In the Ruach Healing Method we call them gates, and we might see of feel the gates acting differently, but the same concept is essentially true.  The gates act, as doorway for bringing in Ruach or life force into the body, and removing unwanted lower vibrational energies.  The better they work, the better you feel and the more in tuned you become with the world around you. This is simple, and exciting because we can learn to become masters of our lives, by mastering our chakras or gates.

Seven Little Chakras can change your life now

Imagine for a moment that these invisible energy centers are all over your body.  They are on your hands, feet, everywhere.  However there are 7 primary Chakras or gates on the human body and while in the eastern system they are named for their shapes, in the western tradition they are named after the gates in Jerusalem which metaphorically is seen as the center of the world.  As a side note, mid-evil mapmakers would create maps with Jerusalem in the center.  I wonder how accurate they were? But since the Ruach system is based on the advanced teachings of the Kaballah, it all works.  Some Ruach healers simply call them “Gates of Light.”
When you activate these 7 primary Chakras you learn to clean, charge aas on your body, you are doing good things for your health, vitality, and spirituality.

To know my Chakras is to know me.

Yes, these chakras are centers for health, but they are different on everyone.  Each person has his or her own fingerprint so to speak.  A large crown chakra that is exceptionally bright often indicates that a person has a well-developed spiritual consciousness. If the heart chakra or the solarplex chakra is more dominated, this could easily mean that a person identifies more with his or her emotions, or is kinesthetic and sensitive.

I often test the Chakras in healing work, but to the amazement of some, I test them in Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching as well. Part of the alchemy experience is to help these energy centers of light become more effective and productive.  In addition, if one of them is slow, or clogged, it could often mean stuck energy that most likely will leads to illness physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or financially.  It is hard to invoke Miracles into your life when your chakras. Or light centers are clogged and not working. or are out of sync.  If you think or have been told your chakra’ are out of sync, don’t go wild with fear and negative thinking, simply start walking, running, drinking fresh water, eating fresh fruit, get some sun light, gaze at the stars, walk barefoot in the grass, give someone a meal, do the things that will return you to your center, to a sense of living If you still need help give us a call and we will be delighted to help. Keep those chakras bright and flowing.

Peace & Prosperity,

Robert Zink

P.S. Keep an eye for a new book coming out called, The Ruach Healing Method.  This book is being published by Thoth Publishing and will teach the A to Z’s of The Ruach Healing Method. You will be able to get it on

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