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3 Forgotten Secrets to the Law of Attraction Podcast…

March 25, 2014

3 forgotten secrets to Law of Attraction

Listen to this special podcast on the 3 forgotten Secrets to the Law of Attraction.  You will want to apply these secrets as soon as you learn them.  Robert Zink is your Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach, and as a mystic, business man, hypnotist, healer, he knows how to make the Law of Attraction work for you.  The 3 Forgotten Secrets to the Law of Attractionwill give you some powerful tools for manifesting an incredible life.  You deserve money, health, love, happiness, joy, sex, security, success and the 3 Forgotten Secrets are the key to making the Law of Attraction work for you.  Listen and download the 3 Forgotten Secrets to the Law of Attraction now and be sure to subscribe to this podcast.

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Change your rituals to change your life.

February 28, 2011

Almost everyone wants to attract big things in life.  Most of us want financial rewards, we want to feel better about our body, we want close loving relationships and we want to know that our life has purpose.

One of the secrets is to make small adjustments in your daily rituals.  Now I can hear some of you thinking,  “I’m not into rituals.”  The fact is we all are into rituals.  Take for example the guy who hits the gym 3 times a week, this is a ritual.  Chances are he will look better, feel better and have more energy than the guy who does not include that in his ritual practice.

If you want to attract MIRACLES in your life, consistent rituals that are designed to attract what you want are the powerful secret.

There are a number of rituals that various time management guru’s that have some exceptional ideas of how to better use your time and what rituals work.  I suggest the works of Stephen Covey.

There are diet rituals, eating rituals, vitality rituals, and yes there are energy rituals.  As the founder the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn I have seen thousands of people do rituals.  Most of them really do not understand the concept.  It is my job to teach them.  However, just when the energy rituals are beginning to pay-off people tend to give them up.  Why? Because the lower animal will has not been fully trained and because the PURPOSE IS NOT BIG ENOUGH.

Change your life, attract MIRACLES, and begin to change your rituals.

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy life Coaching

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Reiki, Ruach and Robert

May 13, 2010

Over 20 years ago, I codified the Ruach Healing Method, a system of spiritual energy healing that have proven to be extremely effective.  I have had the good fortune to teach classes all over the world to healers both beginners and advanced who wanted to progress their healing arts.

I began to notice that many of my students are REIKI masters.  Most of them have told me that the Ruach Healing Method add great potency to what they already do.  There is stark difference and there are similarities.  In order to advance my own education and to better help Reiki healers, I became a Grand Master in Usui reiki of the 10th dan and a Master in Karuna Reiki. I think I have a good handle on the benefit of learning the Ruach Healing Method as a Reiki healer.  The two synergize very well.

Later this year I will have a book coming out that goes into detail and describes how to do the Ruach Healing Method.  ( look for it on Amazon or here on this site )

While the system is based on the Kaballah of the Golden Dawn, it is basically a system that any intelligent person can apply.  This system of energy healing really works.

Now I am beginning to use it with my Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching clients.  They love it and more importantly by working on their energy field I can better help them begin attracting anything they want.

I really am beginning to believe that direct work on the energy field of a person is the best way to help them achieve their goals and put them in alignment with the Universe.

This system of energy healing really works.

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Robert Zink