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5 Popular Lies About Love

February 3, 2014


If you have been alone for a time, there are likely some lies that you have bought into.  Check out my latest article on love and lies that are keeping you alone.  You don’t ever need to be alone again.

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Robert Zink Secret Temple Podcast on Magic & Law of Attraction

January 25, 2014

Here is a recent letter.

This is typical of the kind of letter we get weekly.  The Secret Temple – Law of Attraction Podcast has been going since 2009.  This show is filled with positive information on the Law of Attraction and Miracle Magic.

You can listen to the Secret Temple-Law of Attraction with your host Robert Zink by going to I-Tunes and subscribing to the podcast.  There are nearly 80 shows that you can begin listening to

Here is the letter:


Thanks so much for all your podcasts.  They have been of wonderful help to me in my business.  I felt there was some kind of energy blockage when we opened up our company, and after listening to all your podcast, we were able to correct the problem and save our company from disaster.  You know your magic, and I am convinced that you know the Law of Attraction better than anyone.  I am grateful for your podcast the Secret Temple.  Please keep it going.


Don Martin

I was born with psychic power, but I developed them through…

January 25, 2014


By Robert Zink

The question is about being an intuitive.  I think in truth I was born with the skills and in fact I know my Dad and my Grandmother had them big time.  Even my sister has these almost magical skills.  So, this makes me wonder if they are passed on from generation to generation.  I think they are.  Some people are born to run, some are born to build rocket ships, I was born to know things I should not know. 

When I got into early tarot training many years ago from my personal mentors, we spent more time on meditation of each card and the symbolism than we did doing readings.  I remember a day when I path worked every card on the tree of life.  I am speaking of only the major arcana.  I did it all of them from 6 am in the morning to midnight.  Wow, what a rush!  I would never have one of my students attempt such an iron man way of working the tarot paths.  But it did accomplish one thing.  I was able to learn how to distinguish my ego speaking from my inner voice or higher self.  My personal work on meditation, mantra, and naturally ceremonial magic helped to create a stronger bridge between my intuitive mind and my ability to articulate it.  I will point out that ceremonial magic alone will often build the ego, without building the interior self.  So for all you magic types, I would say, spend more time on the invocation of the Supernal or the Higher Self and less time on conjuring.  I have seen many a practitioner rush though elevating to the higher so that they could get to the creamy center of the work.  What they failed to understand is that , THIS IS THE WORK.  This is one concept that my personal mentors beat into my head, nothing good happens until you raise to the higher Spirit!
I believe you can open to SPIRIT anytime.  you can do this during exercise, or when parked on the L.A. freeways. Make the time.  I found myself raising to the higher during half time at a Seahawks football game.  Anytime is a good time for God.

I have also noticed over the years that the healing work I do has made me a strong intuitive. You come to depend so much on your higher mind when performing healing.

Still there is something there in my history.  I don’t know what it is. I have met people that have gone through years of training and they have the psychic power of a rock.  Why do I have these powers?  My answer is, I had the right family and I enhanced them through years of training.  I seldom use the tarot cards now for giving readings to people.  I just don’t need them anymore. ( But I do love them )

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Peace Profound,

Robert Zink

The Robert Zink formula for clearing your soul & starting over.

January 25, 2014

By Robert Zink

 3 extra mile3
This is a simple formula.  I have used it many times.  I will share the most recent time.  It involves the invocation of a new sunrise into your energy field.  There is something special about a beautiful golden dawn.  Perhaps this is the reason why I devoted my life to magic, to light, to healing and to the idea that there is a golden dawn in each of us.  I believe we each have a new beginning and that simply invoking a new start, a fresh hope is enough to claim it and to manifest it within the universe.
1.     Step one is to throw away anything that reminds you  of your past or your set-backs in life.
2.     Step two is to get a nap or some rest, because you are going to need it.
3.     Step three is to go the beach or the mountain or the desert somewhere around mid-night.
4.     Step four is to use the time between mid-night and dawn to invoke incantations that empower you and affirm your new future.  You might even want to invoke some special angels.
5.     Step five is to affirm your new future during the sunrise.  Stand with you hands outstretched and breathe it into your sphere of sensation.
6.     Step six is to give thanks and gratitude to the universe with the sunrise as the symbol of your new life.
This is your time.  You can begin again, and again, and again.  Your life is eternal.  You are the essence of power and will.
Thanks for reading my personal blog..  I would like you to check out my audio podcast on I-tunes called the Secret Temple.  I talk about the law of attraction and ways of empowering it in your life.  Believe in yourself.
Peace Profound,
Robert Zink
Mentor of Light
Imperator of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn
Chief Adept of the Second Order
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The Universe Card of the Tarot and a Little Meditation

January 25, 2014

By Robert Zink

I was putting away my tarot deck and the Universe Card fell out of the pack.  I thought to myself how curious.  The Universe card has so many different meanings.  It may be one of the most important cards to meditate on, especially as it relates to manifesting and the Law of Attraction.
The Universe Card that I designed once was a card of a young woman in dance.  She represents the dance of the elements coming into manifestation.  I began to think about how the elements when in a sense of balance and harmony make for a productive life, but when allowed to get out of control, make for a life of chaos.
 I know in my own life  there has been some chaos, but that through effort and internal focus I have managed to get the elements back into a state of harmony.
I believe that anyone who practices magic, or the Law of Attraction runs the risk of getting out of balance, and the Universe Card can become our anchor to bringing us back into a wonderful state of harmony.  This is why the four Kerubics are painted in the corner of the the Universe Card.  The forces of the Elements need to be there if full manifestation is to occur.
Our beautiful young dancer is surrounded by 72 stars.  These star represent the 72 Holy Angels of Manifestation.  There are unpublished secrets that surround these beautiful angels and I was fortunate to be taught them by my own mentors.
I believe that meditation on this card along with what you want to manifest in your life is very powerful.  You do not need to be a Tarot reader or master to use the beautiful images for meditation.

So, I meditated on the card, then, I began to focus on something I was trying to manifest in my life.  I put the card away and forgot about it.  Within a few hours I got a phone call and met with a man who hooked me up with a brand new laptop computer.  How nice is a simple meditation on the Universe Card.  Give it a try and write me a letter with your results, I think you will be amazed.

Peace Profound,

Robert Zink

Balancing Your Chakra’s & Aura

January 25, 2014


       Everyone living has an aura.  Some people have an aura that radiates, other not so much. Has anyone noticed an aura radiating from you?
       Practicing chakra balance  increases the radiance of your aura, the heath of your aura, and in turn the health of your physical body.
      This metaphysical concept teaches the balance of seven energy points inside our bodies, which is what encourages you to be healthier. Colors of your aura depend on what chakra is most evident, because each chakra is linked to a certain color.
Each chakra point has a corresponding color and body parts that are greatly influenced by the specific Chakra   My simple method for balancing these points on the body is to focus on the color, the body area, and breathe deep in through the nose and out through the mouth while preforming this simple meditation. Begin at the base and work upward.  Naturally there are more advanced methods, including my method of Chakras and Sephiorths from the Qabalah Tree of Life working together.  This is an advanced method taught in my forthcoming book on Kaballah Healing. we won’t  go that in depth in this short blog.  If you want to know more, or are open to private training, visit me at:
1. Red – Representing the base or root chakra. Located at the base of your spine, this chakra is what connects us to the universe and is what keeps us grounded to it.
2. Orange – For those who have problems with fertility, the orange or sacral chakra is one that you need to open, it is found at the crotch area.
3. Yellow – In order to increase inner strength, vitality and will it is the yellow or solarplex chakra that must be opened, also linked to stomach and organ related disorders.
4. Green – If you have love related issues, opening and closing the green or heart chakra is what you must do, this chakra is also linked to the heart, lungs and circulatory system.
5. Blue – also known as the throat chakra is found in the throat area and is associated to the throat, neck, arms and hands, also linked to speech and hearing, this chakra is opened for spiritual communication.
6. Indigo – For one to have a balanced state of mind it is the indigo or brow/third eye chakra that must be opened or closed, linked to the eyes, this chakra is also utilized to enter a subconscious state of mind.
7. Violet – also known as the crown chakra is found at the top of the head and is associated to the brain and the nervous system, this chakra also allows a deeper and more spiritual understanding of things.
Changes in chakra colors are affected by your mood and what you are experiencing and it can also be altered by other people’s energy in a room as well. What’s important is that you have a well balanced spectrum of chakra colors, which entails that the chakras within your body are well balanced as well.
Peace Profound,
Robert Zink
The Mentor of Light
Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

Robert Zink Reveals Secrets of Law of Attraction

January 25, 2014

Several years ago I decided to take many of the real secrets of the Law of Attraction and occult knowledge that have remained behind closed doors and modify them for the average person who wants to invoke this awesome power for life enhancement and empowerment.
In the beginning it was exciting and rewarding.  I began developing a master healing system that many believe is the most powerful healing system in the world.  Naturally, I applied my background as Imperator of the Golden Dawn, ( a western occult organizations that trains student to master the magic of light ) and Kaballah, and my knowledge of Tantric and eastern energy modalities.  All of this knowledge came together to form the Ruach Healing Method.  Since the beginning, people all over the world have become certified in the system that I created.

At first, my occult brothers and sisters were delighted, but then I began doing more than healing work, I began mentoring students from all over the world in what I now call Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  I began traveling and teaching.  My client list was impressive and global.  I was making an impact and people were seriously learning the ancient secrets of the Law of Attraction.  It was exciting.  However, my occult brothers and sisters were angryThey did not, and do not like the idea that I would be teaching non-members of the Golden Dawn these powerful secrets.  The letters and phone calls from them included threats and promises of disaster if I did not stop.  I refused.

Little by little I began to notice slanderous statements and posts about me on the Internet.  Most of these posts were from another occult Order that also teaches Golden Dawn, but it was not limited.  It came from my students as well who felt I was revealing too much to the public.  One of them said to me, “how dare you reveal this knowledge when I have had to study and work for over 17 year have it.”  I tried to explain that I was not in violation of any oaths or vows, that the knowledge I was teaching was from other sources.  My dear brother and sisters refused to listen.

Soon, I felt like Dr. Frankenstein with people gathered outside my home with pitch forks and torches.  I felt in danger.  I received several threatening letters, and several times my website and email was hacked.  In addition, I now had to deal with a pile of nasty posts on the Internet that accused me of every evil crime under the sun.  Naturally, none of it is true, but the attacks continue.

I have chosen to keep silent up till now, but silence has allowed evil behavior to go unchecked.  I will continue to speak out and teach those who sincerely want to learn about energy work and the Law of Attraction the secrets that will help them transform their dreams into reality.


Robert Zink
The Mentor of Light
Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaching

Robert Zink is a Good Imvestment says Actor.

October 10, 2013


George is a professional actor.  Like Will Smith and Jim Carry and others, he believes in the Law of Attraction.  This is what attracted him to Robert Zink.  George began listening to Robert Zink’s weekly podcast on the Law of Attraction.  After listening to every broadcast 2009 he decided to hire Robert as his personal Mentor and Coach.  Read the letter below and discover if this hot young actor who is moving up in the movie making business thinks that working with Robert Zink was a good investment.

Robert Zink provides a program called Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching.  He employs his 40 years of knowledge as a magician, along with the ancient teachings of the Qabalah, and Hermetics to help his clients unlock their personal and magical power.

Visit Robert at


If you immerse yourself in Robert’s mentoring, you will change your life on more ways than you initially thought. I came to Robert Zink about a specific issue, but quickly realized that the philosophy applied to that issue was permeating other parts of my life for the better. I’ve been working with Robert Zink for a while and will continue. People will find many “gurus” that are out there that just want their money. These gurus will not give you the tools to repair and build, they will only give temporary gratification. Robert equips you and empowers you. If you accept the philosophies you will better yourself. Period. Robert is actually there for YOU. Robert Zink wants to help YOU. He will support YOU. Take the step. I did it.  I’d be hard-pressed to think of an investment that exceeds the type of return you will get from miracle mentoring. I’m happy to have Robert as a teacher and count him amongst my friends. My only regret is not connecting with him sooner. Robert Zink will work Miracles in your life.  He is a Miracle Worker.

George Adams

Atlanta, GA


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Money is too easy to make. – Law of Attraction

July 4, 2013

By Robert Zink

Robert Zink is one of the few Master Teachers on the Law of Attraction

Robert Zink is one of the few Master Teachers on the Law of Attraction

A short time ago on my podcast I offered three people the chance to obtain a MIRACLE in 7 to 10 days. I took on three challenges. So far we are only half way through and it is working in an exceptional fashion for two of the three. I see it, and my clients see it happening, and this is proof that Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching when applied in a very short period of time, can zap the Law of Attraction into action and the results can be astounding.

Client Number one needs to raise $100,000 for a science project. Thus far after three days he has $20,000 and a future pledge from same donor of $200.000 This is the Law of Attraction. This is real magic.

Client two needs work in the graphic arts field. She already has a free lance job with the certainty of a regular gig to follow. She has only been going for one day.

Client Three needs a new car with no money to spend. He has been moving and such and as a result his energy is divided. he is three days in on the 7 day plan.

The Law of Attraction will work for you. Visit: and fill out the application. There is not obligation. Download my podcast on Itunes. The secret Temple-law of Attraction. Do something, take some action. Risk something.

Robert Zink
Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach
Ruach Healing creator and Master
Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

Call for an appt: 971-212-4302

P.S. Records and results provided on demand.


You can have the money you want with Miracle Mentoring and the Law of Attraction.

Your Thoughts Create your Reality.

June 20, 2013

We are co-creators of our reality.

Control your thoughts..

Control your thoughts..


1. Start by being aware of your thoughts. What is your attitude towards specific things like money, people, relationships and self-worth? The dialogue you have with yourself about others is typically a good indication of what you are also telling yourself on a subconscious level. Self-Limiting beliefs usually falls into 3 categories;

If I try, I’ll fail
No one will want me
I am not worthy

2. Once you have identified recurring negative thoughts, it becomes easier to pinpoint the areas you need to shift your focus and retrain your brain – so start by feeding your mind with healthy, positive affirmations coupled with visualization. For example, if you have negative thoughts in the area of Health & Weight Loss such as, I am fat, or I am not attractive, replace with a positive affirmation such as;

“I am pleased with myself for being lean, healthy and energetic and for living a well-balanced, active lifestyle.”
“I am proud to be completely free of pain and sickness and to be eating a well-balanced diet of natural foods.”
“I am proud of my body and fully confident that I will feel great about the way I look and feel for the rest of my life.”
3. Incorporate these affirmations and visualizations into your daily routine so you start eliminating your limiting beliefs one by one. In doing so, you’ll open yourself up to the unlimited possibilities that come from the Law of Attraction.

Listen here: The Secret Temple, the Law of Attraction show on Blog Talk Radio or download it on I-tunes.

Visit my website and take action now. Ask for a Miracle and expect it. Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life coaching.

Robert Zink
Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach
Mentor of Light

P.S So far, we’ve had close to 500,000 listener to our podcast. Join the club and get in on the secrets to the Law of Attraction.

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