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How to Get Everything You Want Through the Power of C.R.A.V.E.

March 27, 2015

Once you understand the power or C.r.a.v.e. You understand exactly what you need to be, and need to do to release your Law of Attraction Power.  You can have it all, but you need to point your focus in the right direction and employ the proper tools to release the Law of Attraction.  Listen to this podcast now.  It is only 15 minutes and in this podcast you will learn about the power of c.r.a.v.e.

The power of C.R.A.V.E.

The power of Crave will get you what you want through the Law of Attraction.

Listen now to the Law of Attraction Podcast and learn about the incredible Power of C.R.A.V.E.

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The Power of Focus and the Law of Attraction

March 11, 2015

Listen to this short 15 minute blog to find out how to get the real power of the Law of Attraction to work for you quickly. Get the money you need, the love you want with the Law of Attraction and the power of focus. Most people do not know how to focus and get the Law of Attraction working, but in this short podcast you will discover just how easy it is.

The power of focus

Control your thoughts..


4 Tiny Things You Can Do NOW to Excite the Law of Attraction

June 9, 2012

By Robert Zink

Here is a set of straightforward strategies and guidelines that will help you manifest what you want most into your life. Begin employing them now.

Transform Inner Aspects of Mind Through Incantations of Power

It is important to remember that nothing can happen outside of you unless it is first created within you. Creation inside of oneself forms from thoughts, emotions, self-talk, and beliefs. Therefore, by transforming the inner aspects of your mind, you will gain power and control over the reality that is outside of you. This is how the Law of Attraction works as taught in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

Ask yourself Solution Focused Questions

Asking solution focused questions will enable you to focus on what you want to do, be, have, and achieve in your life while at the same time redirecting your thoughts away from your problems, challenges, and things that you don’t want to experience.  Additionally, these questions will help boost your creativity, allowing the opening the doors of new insights and opprotunities that you may not have been aware of before. This kind of questioning will open your mind to the solutions of the Universe.

Take Full Responsibility for Actions and Circumstances

The moment you begin to take full responsibility for our actions and life circumstances is the moment you begin to obtain power and control over your life.

We must all reach a point in our lives where we are able to appreciate fully this life for what it is.  We must accept that our lives, as we are experiencing at this very moment, are the result of what each of us has been projecting out into the world from within on a consistent basis over an extended period of time. Taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions, emothions, and behavior is the way to living a life that is filled with purpose, heading foward toward your goals a little bit each day.

“This Too Shall Pass.”

A problem is simply a odd name for an opportunity that you haven’t as yet identified. Problems are challenges; they are nothing more than Opportunities for Success!

Problems, or Opportunities for Success, exist to alert us to errors in our thinking and to bring forth into our awareness alternate ways of doing things that will help us get what we want most in our lives

To transform your life circumstances you must begin by changing how you think about yourself, people, events, and the world around you.

If you continue to think about your life, others and circumstances in the same way as you always have, then you will always have what you have always had and nothing more.

Change Yourself First

A fact to remember is that you must change yourself first in order to change the external circumstances of your life . You must keep yourself and your self-esteem in check at all times, keeping a realistic view of yourself and how others see you. As a close friend of mine repeats, “You are smart, good-lookin’, and confident!” When you’re smart, you eat what’s right, take care of yourself, and work to change bad habits.  When you’re smart, you know that to be good-lookin’, you need to wash your hair, put on a clean shirt,  groom your finger nails, and so on.  Confidence is something that comes from knowing that you are living a meaningful life filled with purpose.  When you wake up each day, knowing what it is you are doing and motivated to do it, you will feel it and others will see it too.

If you misunderstand this principle and flip it over the other way, then you will suffer the consequences of a frustrating existence that brings you nothing but resistance, dissatisfaction, and unfulfilled dreams.

Peace, Power and Prosperity,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

True Lies and Half Truths…

May 5, 2011

By Robert Zink

The unfortunate dichotomy of the era prior to the everyday usage of the Internet is that truth and lies
could once be discovered through studious research written by erudite, knowledgeable persons who
fact checked before they wrote about subjects of import.

Today on the Internet, anyone can write anything that comes to mind without attention to the truth
of what they write with complete inattention to the truth of what they intend to convey. Sadly, that
writing becomes the truth to the reader regardless of the reality of what is written and without any fact
checking at all. The bitterness and viciousness written that is not fact checked and the Internet method
of written communication is currently accepted without question; most especially that which tears
others down.  We have seen this especially in the metaphysical community, and more specifically in the magical community.  It is a sad commentary.  Here is a clue, any blog or website that constantly is negative about another group or person is probably making up the facts, and has a person axe to grind.

The power of the written word has an awesome positive affect on the mind. When a non-fiction book is
read it is an informative and realistically viable truth to the reader; often challenging the beliefs of the
reader; a positive effect.

The truth of the escape of a fictional book is a dream-world and brings positive personal dreams to the
forefront of the reader’s mind; yet another positive effect.

The negative effect of un-researched Internet writing allows the writer to increase the belief of the
reader to accept viciousness and untruth as reality; especially when it tears down the positive and
postulates the negative.

Few if any Internet readers of such writing fail to find the truth behind accusations based upon hate,
animosity and speculation.

It behooves all Internet readers to avoid speculation and research the reality; to not believe everything
that is written on the Internet and to delve into the truth behind the reason behind the Internet writer’s
motives for negativity.

I believe that the world is making a shift to LIGHT.  Now is the time to focus on truthful, positive energy and word, and magic.

I believe we can attract more of what we want through the Hermetic principals and Law of Attraction.  Remember, not all that is written is truth…

Peace and Prosperity,

Robert Zink

The Mentor of Light

Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching

How to activate unstoppable daily motivation. Six powerful tips.

April 13, 2009

1. Start the day motivated

Engage in a morning motivation ritual to get excitement pumping. Experiment a bit and see what activates your motivation mojo. If it has to be Starbucks, then go for it. Although there are probably healthier options, I would suggest a morning ritual routine that includes movement, planning, visualizing and listening to positive speakers on your drive to work.  Move fast in the morning, have a direction and a plan.  If necessary, outline it the night before. Never, never hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. That just trains your brain and body to move at a slower pace and be less motivated about all that you can do today. Try cold showers, energizing music, exercise and anything else that might work for you. Once you dig up a few things that work for you get ready to invoke the law of attraction action with your inner enthusiasm for all that you will accomplish.

2. Invoke worthy outcomes.

This is your life, and that alone is something to get excited about. You can make a dent in the world. Quit your job, move to another town, go after something, and set a goal that will have you blasting off to an unbelievable lifestyle. You have nothing to lose in your life if there is nothing in it that you want to be doing. Get real about what you don’t want, and then decide to cut that sludge out of your life and fill it with what you do want. Explore the possibilities.  You have nothing to lose except your lack of motivation. Grab onto a life filled with passion. Now create of picture of your outcomes and remind yourself of these vital life enhancers every morning. Try screaming it out loud. Yes, I am serious.  Do it.

3. If you must fear, make it a tool of power.

We are all motivated by both fear and the promise of rewards, but some of us respond better to fear. (If this is you I would suggest trying Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching for 5 sessions – You can use this to get yourself into a state of positive action.
Imagine the bad things that will happen if you don’t do what needs to be done. (I know this is not the most positive thing in the world, but it works.)  Imagine that you will never have that life on the beach, wind surfing, if you do not get the juice flowing through your veins. Next, focus on what you do want, and make the picture big, real big, with color, and life.  Play the two pictures side by side in your mind and then decide what you want.  What do you want, the bad stuff or the real good stuff that makes life exciting and enjoyable? The choice is obvious, and your motivation will ignite.

4. Talk to the monkey in your mind.

Almost everyone gets excited and experiences a rise in energy level when talking about something that is truly important and inspiring to them. It is like showing a monkey a bunch of yellow, ripe bananas. For your monkey mind this could be cars, self improvement, politics, money, sex, spirituality, or just about anything. Find the “hot” button that will have the monkey in your mind swinging from branch to branch. Talk to your monkey mind.  Tell it that when the day is over, and you accomplish the outcome you want, that the bananas will be so big and sweet that eating them will make you feel like King Kong. Afterward you should be able to carry that energized motivated state over to what you need to do and the result will be a higher level of attraction and manifestation. Monkey see, monkey do, monkey want, and monkey get.

5. Take action now.

Here is the point: take any small step. Do anything to start the project or task in front of you – any action towards an outcome that you want to manifest in your life. Soon you will feel motivation expanding in your life like a big red hot air balloon filled with helium flying above the world. You will soon be taking flight with manifestation and the law of attraction.

6. Get out of the box with motivation tricks.

Learn how your brain and body works, and you can easily apply that knowledge through “tricks” like those here. However, there is also a natural motivation, which arises in us more when we are living with purpose and passion.  When you have a plan with your life, when you are on a deeper mission than the moment, something wild and exciting is going to happen.  You are going to attract the life you want.  I promise.

Peace, Passion & Prosperity,

Robert Zink

P.S. The Universe respects speed.  This is one reason why you need to get going fast in the morning.  If you have additional ideas, send them to me and I will print them here.
P.P.S. My new intensive that will take place May 24th & 25th in Asheville N.C. is all about the Law of Attraction and speed. When you are in crisis, you need even more speed. Check out my workshops for dates and times.

A Closely Guarded Secret Meditation to Attract What You Want

March 13, 2009

As you scan every word on this page, you will begin to discover new ways of invoking the law of attraction though the incredible power of the attraction alchemy meditation.

Anyone who has practiced meditation knows that there are a variety of methods. Some are certainly better than others for specific purposes. This article focuses on the law of attraction meditation method. Naturally, you are welcome to use this method of meditation for any other purpose as well, as it will neatly fit a variety of needs.

Can you imagine practicing a simple process of meditation, and then after a few days or months, something that you wanted and thought was out of reach is now accessible to you? It can happen, and it will.

A close friend of mine had a limited budget for a car purchase. He could not bring himself to meditate on the type of cars that were in his budget, so just for giggles I suggested he meditate on the type of car he really wanted. He did, and within a month, he was driving an almost new Jaguar that was valued 5 times the amount of money he had access to. This is the power of this simple meditation. Why not give it a try; what do you have to lose?

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see results.

You can begin attracting just about anything you want with this meditation; however you might want to begin with something simple. For example, my son was disqualified from playing high school baseball this year because of changing schools too often. We appealed to the board, but were told that only about 20-27% of all cases are ever reversed.

Here is what I did… I looked at the situation the way it was in so-called real life. Then, I put myself into a simple meditation or what I like to call a light magical trance. This is where the action takes place. (I will give you some steps for this in a minute.) After reaching my meditative state, I super imposed the picture I wanted of my son in uniform playing baseball, having fun, over the current reality. While this was going on in my mind, the “reality” picture began to fade away. First it turned black and white, then gray, then gone. If you were performing this meditation, this is where most people stop, but don’t stop yet – keep going. Now you want to add some flavor to the juice. Energize and fix the new reality by activating it with emotions. Get into it and enjoy the meditational ride.  If you are doing this before bedtime, you can simply drift off to sleep after about 15 minutes or gently wake yourself up.

One final key – anticipate! Get excited about the new reality you have created, and anticipate changes to quickly come to fit the reality you have visualized. Be confident and grateful. Most of all, be certain.

Now here are the steps in a nutshell:

1. Find a comfortable place to meditate, turn off the phone and all outside noises.
2. Breathe deep, in through your nose and out through your mouth for about 5 minutes.
3. Give yourself permission to enter that special place that exists within the theater of your mind.
4. Examine the situation as it is currently in your life. See it, but do not give emotion to it.
5. Now flip the channel in your mind, or transform your thoughts to what you want to attract.
6. Examine it in detail; the more details the better. Give it color, depth, sound, feeling and anything else that a good movie director would want to include. Remember, this is your film, your creation, and your life.
7. Once the thing you want to attract is established in your mind, simply take the picture and transpose it over the old picture. Make the old picture less bright, dim, even black and white.
8. Crank up your emotions and expectations. As you do this notice the new reality becoming more real. You can feel it, see it, and experience it. Also notice the old reality fading away like an etching on a cloud of fog. It is gone. It has dispersed in place of your new reality.
9. Stay with your positive feelings of certainty and expectations.
10. When you are ready, begin to slowly wake yourself up. Immediately begin to feel confident, cheerful and passionate about your new reality. Expect a Miracle.

Share with me and the rest of our blog readers your successes and experiences. Send me a comment. This is a powerful meditation. My suggestion is to anchor yourself to power and confidence by beginning with something small. For example, I wanted some new sound equipment for my own studio, but did not want to dip into my piggy bank to get what I needed. So, I used this simple law of attraction meditation and bingo, some extra dough fell into my life, solely for the purpose of building the sound studio. Now, if I can do it, I am certain you can.

Peace & Prosperity,

Robert Zink

P.S. Everyone is pulling out their hair by the roots because of the economy. Why not create your own micro-economy and begin invoking miracles in your life? You may be one of those select people who want to throw more wood on the fire, if so; we have a few limited openings for Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching.

P.P.S. This is not the traditional stuff, N.L.P., yada yada… We use ancient mystical wisdom along with N.L.A., Qabalah, Hermetics, and Attraction Alchemy to give you the wood to make one monster bonfire. Prepare to experience miracle after miracle after miracle…

How to get started with personal & abundance alchemy.

February 19, 2009

The process all begins with purifying your thoughts. This is neither a religious edict nor a moral one. This purification is about tapping into the power and potential of the ONE, the All, The Divine, or God. This allows you to ascend and descend with solutions, ideas, opportunities and ways of evoking lasting change in the spiritual as well as material portion of your life. You will learn to have your mind in the above as well as the below. But unlike most people, you know that it is the above where real lasting changes and opportunities are discovered. Sadly most people work with their nose to the grindstone, trying to affect change from BELOW. They wonder if they are working hard enough, doing enough, they read more books and attend more seminars, but to no avail. You will discover how to separate and purify your thoughts from the lower vibrational thoughts that I reffered to.

Lower vibrational thoughts lead to sickness, lack of achievement and a life filled with hurt and pain.

There is an interesting alchemical formula that you may find helpful. Matter is the physical world.  Matter has many degrees of density. The portion of matter with the least density is called the soul. And if we were to look at the soul and ask what is the purest part, or the most subtle part, we would call it the Spirit. All of this is within you, the body, the soul, the spirit, the ONE. This means that you can travel in these realms by simple changing the density of your thoughts! Lower vibrational thoughts keep you earth bound, keep you attached only to what the alchemist call the Gross. By separation and transformation we free ourselves and unlock our unlimited power and potential.

I will be blogging more about personal alchemy.  I foten call it abundance alchemy because when you finally turn your personal lead to gold, your life is filled with abudance in every area, in every way.


Robert Zink


As a side note, we can achieve outrageous, exhilarating experiences as we learn to rise to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness, but we must remember that we have a purpose and reason for being incarnated in a physical body. In my next blog I will talk about past lives and how they csn block you from developing the flow of energy in this life to fully awaken the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction, Hermes and Alchemy

February 15, 2009


This  on-going blog is going to cover a lot of ground.  This blog is not for the timid, but rather for the bold, for those who go for the gusto in life.  I have a belief that says if I really am serious about learning  anything, I need to go to the source.   At the source that you will find the real power, the most profound concepts that will radically change you life…forever.


Lets talk about the law of Attraction for example.  I know that there are hundreds of good books out on the subject.  The Secret brought the whole concept to life for the masses.  But for some of us, the Law of Attraction was part of a series of concepts taught by the ancient sage Hermes Trismegistus.  I won’t go into to great detail in this short blog about the history of Hermes, but the ancient Egyptians thought of Hermes as a god, they referred to him as Thoth, the god of wisdom and of utterance, or the word.

I don’t know if Hermes was a god or the wisest of sages, but he wrote the Emerald tablet of Hermes over 10,000 years ago.  He wrote a whole host of other things that explained how life works on planet earth, including the Law of Attraction.


Now, if I worked on automobiles, I would certainly not make an attempt to repair a car without the owner manual.  The writing of Hermes and are the closest thing you will find to an owners manual Even much of the deeper more profoud concepts in the bible were expressed in the writing of Hermes. 


I think one of the reason why people buy a book or two on the Law of Attraction, give it a try and find it does not work for them, is that they have no foundation in the deeper teachings.


The ideas expressed in the Qabalah, healing magic, mystical Christianity and just about any other mystery school find a basis in the writing of Hermes.  His writing provide the doorway to true inner alchemy and how to bring about massive life changes in your life, right now, this week, today.  His writing are not for the ancient mystery schools anymore, they are for YOU today.


Alchemy is not something restricted to a lab, your life is the lab and you are the alchemist, Therefore it only makes sense to learn how to turn lead to gold, rather than mix up the spiritual chemicals of your life and end up with a bad cocktail. 


I will include some of the writings of Hermes on this website as a free down load.  As a friend and Mentor, I think that everyone should have some expose.  Now if you find it boring, don’t worry, I will juice it up for you in coming blogs, and articles.


Peace & Prosperity,


Robert Zink

P.S. Let keep I touch, be sure to follow me around on Twitter