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How to invoke Love and erase fear.

December 21, 2009

According The Emerald tablet of Hermes and many other spiritual and self-help books, whatever we believe and think about grows. Our thoughts are attracting our experiences. So if you are focused on a negative thought, and it is drawing to you more negative feelings, thoughts, situations, then why not change how your mind thinks and what it thinks about, including the dreams you have in the night. Your mind is very capable of experiencing bliss and joy and therefore attracting bliss, joy, prosperity, health, and love, You might say this attraction action works like MAGIC..

It is amazing what we see with our minds. Some people see all kinds of reason not to do something. These people make things happen.  I know Wayne Dyer has recently put out a book called Excuses Be Gone.  He talks about all the different excuse we use to keep from achieving our inner greatness.  The truth is, is that you can be or have anything you want, you just some tools to rid your self of the excuses and the fear. Love is the starting point.

Some people see chaos everywhere they look. I see opportunity to remake our world. I see a blessing in disguise. When things fall apart, we have a choice: fall apart with them or reinvent ourselves from the inside out.

Everyone has a theory as to what is the key ingredients that will absolutely erase fear, unlock personal power, and begin acting as the catalyst to attract anything we want.  I for one believe it is Love.  Love is the spiritual condition that can change the very core of who we are. You often hear people say that a dog can’t change his spots, well, without Love I would tend to agree.  But I have seen love so strong that people have done the impossible, have forgiven the unforgivable and have invoked the passion to create outrageous miracles in their own life and in the lives of those they touch.  You can too.  When you fill yourself with love, there is much less room for fear. The opposite of fear is not confidence, it is love.  Fall in love with your life, with your dreams, your goals, you lover, you career, your home, yourself.  Invoke the passion that naturally springs forth from love and the grip of fear in your life will be severely weakened.

Here is the ripest fruit that falls into your hands when you choose love over fear.  You begin operating at higher spiritual vibration.  You now have a closer connection to the Divine and as a result you intuition and inner healing abilities will drastically increase.  The ancient mystics knew this truth and taught it in their mystery schools.  Today, seekers of Light and Mastery are re-discovering that Love is the key and that love is more than a feeling, it is a way of Life.

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Peace, Passion, Prosperity,

Robert Zink

Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

Mentor of Light

The Law of Attraction, Hermes and Alchemy

February 15, 2009


This  on-going blog is going to cover a lot of ground.  This blog is not for the timid, but rather for the bold, for those who go for the gusto in life.  I have a belief that says if I really am serious about learning  anything, I need to go to the source.   At the source that you will find the real power, the most profound concepts that will radically change you life…forever.


Lets talk about the law of Attraction for example.  I know that there are hundreds of good books out on the subject.  The Secret brought the whole concept to life for the masses.  But for some of us, the Law of Attraction was part of a series of concepts taught by the ancient sage Hermes Trismegistus.  I won’t go into to great detail in this short blog about the history of Hermes, but the ancient Egyptians thought of Hermes as a god, they referred to him as Thoth, the god of wisdom and of utterance, or the word.

I don’t know if Hermes was a god or the wisest of sages, but he wrote the Emerald tablet of Hermes over 10,000 years ago.  He wrote a whole host of other things that explained how life works on planet earth, including the Law of Attraction.


Now, if I worked on automobiles, I would certainly not make an attempt to repair a car without the owner manual.  The writing of Hermes and are the closest thing you will find to an owners manual Even much of the deeper more profoud concepts in the bible were expressed in the writing of Hermes. 


I think one of the reason why people buy a book or two on the Law of Attraction, give it a try and find it does not work for them, is that they have no foundation in the deeper teachings.


The ideas expressed in the Qabalah, healing magic, mystical Christianity and just about any other mystery school find a basis in the writing of Hermes.  His writing provide the doorway to true inner alchemy and how to bring about massive life changes in your life, right now, this week, today.  His writing are not for the ancient mystery schools anymore, they are for YOU today.


Alchemy is not something restricted to a lab, your life is the lab and you are the alchemist, Therefore it only makes sense to learn how to turn lead to gold, rather than mix up the spiritual chemicals of your life and end up with a bad cocktail. 


I will include some of the writings of Hermes on this website as a free down load.  As a friend and Mentor, I think that everyone should have some expose.  Now if you find it boring, don’t worry, I will juice it up for you in coming blogs, and articles.


Peace & Prosperity,


Robert Zink

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