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How to turn on your Chakras to accelerate your life

March 26, 2009

Many of us westerners have no idea what chakras are.  They are non-physical centers that surround the human body or are connected to the human aura.  Many people see them as a whirlpool of energy and exist within the body as well as the subtle body or aura.
Here is an interesting fact; chakras are more alive or present when the body and soul is more alive and less present when someone is dying.  When a person dies, they are not present at all.
There is a very big key here that we should consider, if we activate our chakras, we become more alive, more vibrant, healthier, happier, and vice versa.
In the Ruach Healing Method we call them gates, and we might see of feel the gates acting differently, but the same concept is essentially true.  The gates act, as doorway for bringing in Ruach or life force into the body, and removing unwanted lower vibrational energies.  The better they work, the better you feel and the more in tuned you become with the world around you. This is simple, and exciting because we can learn to become masters of our lives, by mastering our chakras or gates.

Seven Little Chakras can change your life now

Imagine for a moment that these invisible energy centers are all over your body.  They are on your hands, feet, everywhere.  However there are 7 primary Chakras or gates on the human body and while in the eastern system they are named for their shapes, in the western tradition they are named after the gates in Jerusalem which metaphorically is seen as the center of the world.  As a side note, mid-evil mapmakers would create maps with Jerusalem in the center.  I wonder how accurate they were? But since the Ruach system is based on the advanced teachings of the Kaballah, it all works.  Some Ruach healers simply call them “Gates of Light.”
When you activate these 7 primary Chakras you learn to clean, charge aas on your body, you are doing good things for your health, vitality, and spirituality.

To know my Chakras is to know me.

Yes, these chakras are centers for health, but they are different on everyone.  Each person has his or her own fingerprint so to speak.  A large crown chakra that is exceptionally bright often indicates that a person has a well-developed spiritual consciousness. If the heart chakra or the solarplex chakra is more dominated, this could easily mean that a person identifies more with his or her emotions, or is kinesthetic and sensitive.

I often test the Chakras in healing work, but to the amazement of some, I test them in Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy life Coaching as well. Part of the alchemy experience is to help these energy centers of light become more effective and productive.  In addition, if one of them is slow, or clogged, it could often mean stuck energy that most likely will leads to illness physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or financially.  It is hard to invoke Miracles into your life when your chakras. Or light centers are clogged and not working. or are out of sync.  If you think or have been told your chakra’ are out of sync, don’t go wild with fear and negative thinking, simply start walking, running, drinking fresh water, eating fresh fruit, get some sun light, gaze at the stars, walk barefoot in the grass, give someone a meal, do the things that will return you to your center, to a sense of living If you still need help give us a call and we will be delighted to help. Keep those chakras bright and flowing.

Peace & Prosperity,

Robert Zink

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