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Five Powerful Secrets for Invoking the Law of Attraction During Crisis

April 9, 2009

These 5 secrets are principles that will aid you in attracting whatever you want during times of crisis. Naturally you need to employ these secrets all the time, however, during times of crisis the mind can be magnetized by all the negativity about economic conditions, the price of gas, job lay offs and more. Take the time to implant these powerful principles in your mind, so that you have a firm foundation. With your feet standing on solid ground, you will be ready to create and manifest anything you want, no matter what the rest of the world chooses to believe, or how they choose to act.

These powerful principles will be like a lighthouse for you, always providing you energy and flow. This will allow you to invoke the Law of Attraction in the direction of your dreams all the time, anytime.
Take a moment and print up this blog, or bookmark this page. You can do better than to simply read these principles, you can integrate them, memorize them and make them yours. I additionally suggest you re-write them in your own wording. Make them yours and expect Peace, Passion and Prosperity to be the result.
1. You are 100% responsible for the experiences in your life. I am certainly not saying that you caused them or that you share in any fault, but on some deeper level of consciousness, you attracted them. To learn what and how you are attracting, I recommend the Presence of God meditation ( or any other meditation that connects you with Divine Source, the One.

2. You always have the power to change your mind and your thoughts. Whatever you’re thinking or feeling, if it’s not productive, you can change it.

3. You have more power than you ever realized. As you become aware of this power, it’s important to develop a sense of humility. Watch your ego, keep it in check; there’s nothing that will cut away the legs of true greatness than an inflated ego.

4. The impossible is nothing more than a limiting belief.

5. Hold what you have received from on high and what you deeply want in your life, into a powerful image. Know that you have a compelling future. Emotionalize it, get inspired, and keep the fire burning.
Dear friend, I am not the author of these principles. The author of these sacred life empowering principles was Hermes Trismegistus, an ancient sage who authored the Emerald Tablet. He was so highly regarded that virtually every ancient mystery school was based in full or in part on his teachings. Modern day Law of Attraction gurus also cull from the ancients who revealed these ancient mysteries. Sir Isaac Newton held the Emerald Tablet in the highest esteem. It is my honor to share the secrets of the Law of Attraction based on timeless teachings with you. It’s time – begin expecting miracles. Hermes Trismegistus guarantees it.
Peace, Passion & Prosperity,
Robert Zink
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