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How to Get Everything You Want Through the Power of C.R.A.V.E.

March 27, 2015

Once you understand the power or C.r.a.v.e. You understand exactly what you need to be, and need to do to release your Law of Attraction Power.  You can have it all, but you need to point your focus in the right direction and employ the proper tools to release the Law of Attraction.  Listen to this podcast now.  It is only 15 minutes and in this podcast you will learn about the power of c.r.a.v.e.

The power of C.R.A.V.E.

The power of Crave will get you what you want through the Law of Attraction.

Listen now to the Law of Attraction Podcast and learn about the incredible Power of C.R.A.V.E.

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Law of Attraction – Secrets to getting out being STUCK with your Goals.

May 16, 2014

No need to be stuck, visit

No need to be stuck, visit

Are you stuck in business, love, career, health? Do you feel like you are going no where fast? The secret is the Law of Attraction. Remember, the Law of Attraction can work for you and against you. The Law does not take sides, it is simply a physical law. You maybe causing yourself to be stuck. You maybe holding your career back from success. You need to take action and listen to this powerful 15 minute podcast and learn how easy it is to get un-stuck and get your life moving again.

You deserve a great relationship.

You deserve a great career

You deserve more money

You deserve a successful business

GET OUT OF THE QUICK SAND and get your life flowing and growing in the direction of your dreams. Listen to this short podcast.


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Law of Attraction Tips to Provide Maximum Success

May 5, 2014

There are things you can do to insure that the Law of Attraction provide maximum success. The problem with many people who learn about the Law of Attraction is that they do not know how to get the Law of Attraction to work for them. Soon they get discouraged and give up. There are 5 important things you can do to excite the Law of Attraction to provide maximum success in any area of your life. The Law of Attraction tips to provide maximum success are easy to learn,and easy to use. Listen to this short 15 minute podcast to learn exactly how to apply the Law of Attraction tips to provide maximum success. Once you are done listening, if you like the kind of ideas you are hearing, be sure to subscribe.

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Law of Attraction – Controlling Your Aura for more Power. ( Podcast )

April 1, 2014

There is a magic that some people have that most of us do not have.  This magic is magnetism.  These people attract people around them, everyone want to know them or be near them.  It has a little to do with success, and a little to do with money, but more to do with energy.

AuraYou attract what you are, not what you want to have.  As you learn this ancient secrets to controlling your aura or energy field you will blast the law of attraction into working for you in incredible and unbelievable ways.  This podcast is only 15 minutes and easy to listen to.  Imagine making yourself a human talisman for the things you want and the money you deserve.  Check out the podcast and be sure to subscribe as well. I have almost 200 podcast on the subject of the  Law of Attraction.


Click this link to listen to the podcast on controlling your aura:–incredible-courage-to-live

Law of Attraction – 6 Words that Will Kill your Dreams ( Podcast )

March 27, 2014

Your life can become a shipwreck if you say the wrong thing to yourself

Your life can become a shipwreck if you say the wrong thing to yourself

Find out the 6 words that will kill you dreams.  Never allow yourself to even thing of these words. The Law of Attraction is always working, either for your dreams or against them. The Law of Attraction can help you manifest whatever you want, or it can crush your dreams on the rocks.  Listen to this podcast and let Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach share with you the six forbidden words to manifestation and the Law of Attraction.  Listen Now. Click the Link:–6-words-that-will-kill-your-dreams

Law of Attraction Coaching – How to get what you Want ( Podcast )

March 26, 2014


Law of Attraction Coaching

Check out this podcast on Law of Attraction Coaching & How to Get what you Want.  Discover what the secrets are to getting great Law of Attraction Coaching. Find out how some of the powerful methods used in Law of Attraction coaching that work like magic.  This is a short podcast that you can listen to in 15 minutes.  The podcast is given by the Mentor of Light, Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink.  After you listen to the podcast, there are almost 200 more podcasts on  the subject of the Law of Attraction.  Be sure to subscribe on BTR or download them on I-Tunes.–get-what-you-want