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Miracle Hypnosis, secret weapon helps you attract anything you want.

January 1, 2010

By Robert Zink

The Law of Attraction, no doubt you’ve have been reading about it and how it works.  In a nutshell whatever you think about is what you will attract.  This sounds easy enough, but what happens when you want to think positive about a compelling future, but are troubled by thoughts that that are contrary to what you desire.  The answer is self-sabotage.  You take one step forward and two back.  After a time you simply give up and develop a belief that it was not meant to be.

You might know this pattern as it relates to New Years resolutions.  Zillions of New Years resolutions will be broken within the first few weeks following January 1.

Sometimes it seems like an uphill battle.  You quit smoking only to begin again.  You drop ten pounds only to gain 20 back.  You struggle with your relationships, or are stuck in a career that is not satisfying.  The details are not important, but the formula is.

  1. Get motivated and set goals
  2. Begin working on your dreams
  3. Get discouraged, fearful or addicted to old an behavior that is contrary to your goals
  4. Give up.

The solution is Miracle Hypnosis.  Miracle Hypnosis is part of the Miracle Mentoring program and Alchemy life coaching.  The difference between traditional hypnosis and Miracle Hypnosis is that it is based on the ancient teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.  Hermes was the ancient sage who created the Emerald Tablet. Successful people have regarded the wisdom of Hermes more valuable than gold.  Alexander the Great regarded it as his most precious possession and is said he hid the original copy so no one could ever find it.  It is the basis of the power of the ancient Egyptians, and perhaps untold societies that existed prior such as Atlantis.  We might never know.  But whatever the source and age of this precious document, it is the difference between the run of the mill hypnotist and the Miracle Mentor performing Miracle Hypnosis.

Recently, a video called The Secret refers to the Emerald Tablet as the source document of the Law of Attraction.  When a Miracle Mentor performs Miracle Hypnosis he or she does so with the intention of helping you achieve your intentions, goals and dreams.  This is big, because you will now have a powerful tool to cut the legs away from self-sabotage.  Your mind will no longer fall into the same old ditch, rather you will have powerful mental tools to carry you across the dreaded step three to a place where you can finally take a deep breath and be the person you want to be.

It is easy to get started, simply visit: and fill out the Miracle Mentoring form.  Include on the form you want to eliminate self-sabotage forever.  It’s easy, convient and most important it is likely to empower your life forever.

Happy New Year

Robert Zink

P.S. Miracle Hypnosis can be done from the safety of your living room anywhere in the room.  All you need is a head phone, phone, or computer. It’s fast and amazing.